I can’t believe I have to see this type of comments here, I just wanted to comment on these awesome episodes but don’t feel like doing it anymore. Sorry about the double comment. I wasn’t a teen yet during this time but it just feels so real but we already do have the internet, albeit with a very low population, at that time. Back to the soccer game. Oh, he totally doesn’t, I think: So so so so much. Thanks so much for your recap.

The game starts to get tense and Yoo-jung wraps her arms around Hak-chan, who can barely keep himself from spontaneously combusting right there in the middle of the living room. Actually, I remember an interview where Hoya said he finds it hard to play the character because Junhee is so different from his personality but that he’s taken on the role and challenged himself. That’s already too much blessings for you! VB September 14, at 7: Ariel August 2, at Joon-hee’s reveal was the best. I don’t know who to root for now!

Thank you so much for saving my brain cells after watching the train wreck that is Dr. There’s really no need to put it in apostrophes. Answer Me Favorite. Competition in his older, nicer brother is going to complicate things in a big way.

Thanks so much for your recap. Heterosexual hypocrisy really pisses me off.


Shuffle Eng Sub Ep.4 в Hari

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! They wave goodbye as she gets on the bus. I swear if any gooddrwma try to pull some anti-gay bs like they did with Life Is Beautiful, I’m going to raise some hell I just love this drama so much already, next week goddrama get here fast enough. Are there really only 8 episodes?! Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Shi-won comes home late to join Yoon-jae and her parents at the kitchen table.

My heart will break if its Shi-won with hyung who is getting marry. It’s as sinful as fornication, adultery, or any sexual sin.

He puts his arm around Joon-hee who remains separated from the group, so Yoon-jae pulls him close. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. And the little snippets of Korean pop culture that we are given feels like little nugget gifts, tbh. The links are at the description. Drama, I luff you so much. Are you an Inspirit?

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Shin Bong Sun Cameo. Because now Yunjae thinks that there’s something going on between Shiwon and Junhee when in truth, the reason why the two are spending an inordinate amount of time together is because of Junhee coming out to Shiwon about his crush on Yunjae in the first place. Also how cute is that part when Yunjae pulls Junhee to him for the photo at the end of Episode 3? I love the love triangle, music, and cannot wait to watch it subbed. Thank you very repky girlfriday!


Gooddra,a about the double comment. But this sitcom will be different. At first I was thinking that maybe, Yunjae never found out about Junhee liking him and therefore, is still comfortable and touchy with him.

Ariel August 2, at PT August 3, at Shi-won and Mom watch tv repply night, and the news reports that the Busan Seagulls have broken their losing streak and finally won a game. Still hoping to watch the series with english subs: SunnySunny August 12, at 6: Two dramas I thought started off okay then just failed at the end.

Great show that picks up on the universal era of teenage-dom .

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