I will always have some other “project” I just can’t help myself. Ronnie is done messing with Texas aka Robin but the world should watch out. Renee tells Carla she respects her for coming clean for admitting that. The navy and white colour scheme is perfect for summer and the ruching at the waist makes the cut ultra-flattering. June 28th, , Not only is her wardrobe massive, epic and amazing — Ioulia carries herself with grace and style. Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism portal , so it will be helpful info for my works.

Then Kroy and Kim then are in the living room having a glass of wine in a plastic cups and Kroy tells Kim she snores and farts a lot when she sleeps, Kim says Kroy must love it since he married her lol. It’s been a crazy year right? Wanna tell us about that special place? In the season 2 finale, Amanda hosts a Wonderland-themed party, where Jody’s actions make Ronnie question her friendships with Jody and Mary. All the ladies seem to be cordial and get along, I know this is only the first episode and as we all know this might change by episode 3. Posted by iRealHousewives at Jody volunteers to play the Queen of Hearts not surprised, are you? Newer Post Older Post Home.

Amanda holds her Alice in Wonderland theme tea party and Ronnie arrives as the Mad Hatter in a red and black costume looking fabulous! Mary seems to forget the drama and starts getting ready for her date.

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The Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2 has finally come to an end. Ronnie leaves the event as it seems she is over all the ladies at this point. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It reuion been reported that Love was not allowed to participate in the reunion and was fired from the show.


At Ronnie’s birthday, Mia’s true nature surfaces against Mary.

Head to toe, that girl is always done up. I think we live in a world where we can have it all, why not try? Mia states she is happy and she loves her new look. Back in the townhouse Kim and her stylist Shun decide to clean thov Kim’s house is a disaster, there are things everywhere.

Karen goes outside and talks to Love and schools for what she did to Carla.

Seasn Parent Thread Link. Her white dress made her look like a Grecian goddess, and I loved how its beautiful gold trim played up her golden jewellery. While the fight continues Ioulia is eating her cake and watching this go down, Ioulia is always the comic relief of the show.

Kim says her dad is cool but she is wondering where her dad at through this whole lawsuit mess is. I was never able to find handbags with these qualities so I decided to make them myself!

Other relationships get a bit murky — are they friends or friends out of convenience, or just pretending to be friends? Sdason calls Kenya phony from head to toe while Kenya calls Phaedra fat. Jody and Mary’s hostilities are escalated and Ronnie and Mary’s reuhion is called into question like never before.

So no hard feelings towards Karine?

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Her simple styling from the curl-ironed tips to the easy braid gives her whole rfunion some added polish, without being too over the top. Former frenemies and now reuniob, Tamra and Gretchen are shopping when Tamra gets a surprise phone call from Heather and invites the ladies over to her new home for a dinner event.

Talk about a statement bag! Do you agree with Joanna? Which is your favorite wife and why?


Looks like it to me. Mary then decides to confront Jody one last time to clear the air. Fillers, Chin implant and so on. Gretchen, Tamra and Eddie arrive and they the main topic of conversation is once again Vicki. Kroy thinks they should plan something together with no surprises.

No, just my personal needs and preferences. While Rhiv think she seems sweet, rhoc also seems so exhausting. When it was pool party time, Ronnie glimmered all night.

I didn’t just get married and stayed home raising kids. The ladies attend a personal shopping experience, held by Christina, where they discover the lengths Jody will go for her livelihood. Christina finds herself recipient to a surprise ambush by her and the walk down memory lane and their old feud is reignited leaving everyone at the dinner speechless and a loss for words. Ronnie arrives and Robin confronts her and Ronnie is not having it.

She has settled back in with Kean at his home in Sandymount, Dublin 4. Kim tells Brielle she needs to get good grades and if she does she might get a car. Enjoyable apart from that though so fingers crossed for season 3. Kim thinks her mom is doing all of this for fame, money and publicity. Mary is launching her cosmetic line Buff Beauty. Ronnie leaves the event as it seems she is over deunion the ladies at this point.

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