I like to listen to these uploaded xfm shows in bed so would have been amazing if they played one after the other without having to manually set things up to listen to the next one, other than that loving them, cheers, ed ;. He and his wife Julie currently operate The Gottman Institute in Seattle, offering numerous resources and training. Have not laughed so much in one day in ages. In this house Karl discovered flies and a condom, which Ricky and Steve found hilarious and incredulous. Ricky gets Robin some sportswear in preparation for his new training regime, and then laughs at him in it, on the treadmill, and running up a hill. In bed sick and bored so can listen to all of these now, only heard a couple and they are just so funny, I love Karl, Ricky and Steve. Karl explains how to escape from anacondas. The Worst Bits – “Karl giving up and pressing the button”.

Thank you so much for putting the effort in to making this site for fans of the greatest show of all time. Four episodes of season five were released on 15 September through the iTunes Store. Check this box to confirm you are human. Beginning with an audio clip from the very first podcast, where Karl tells Ricky and Steve about a run-down stately home, that doubled-up as a mental institution. Now I feel much more sane knowing I’m not the only one to listen to these repeatedly – lost count how many times I’ve played these. Overview Music Video Charts. If Apple Books doesn’t open, click the Books app in your Dock. The Karl Pilkington show, talking to animals, ice pop of death, adult nappies, Karl’s litter tray, wrestling Karl, Karl Dilkington, a “wewe” an ugly female ghost with drooping breasts.

He asks Ricky and Steve if leaf insects were insects that had just been “havin’ it off” with a leaf. Appreciate the effort to list all these. Believing that egrvais aren’t the friendly little creatures they’re portrayed as in films, Karl considers some suitable terms of abuse, Rockbusters.

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Watch and listen to just about gicky I can find which has this trio in it, and even the ones where they go solo such as the stand-up acts and the idtiot abroad series. These are brilliant because most of the adverts and music has been cut out so they mainly focus on what the three of them are talking about: Been listening to these at work all week, it’s surprising how fast the day goes when you have this trio entertaining you, thanks for sharing.


They are all hassling Karl knowing he is listening from home, and Ricky then threatens to give out his phone number if he does not call in, and starts to give out a number every 5 minutes, absolutely hilarious. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android?

Beginning with an audio clip from the very first podcast, where Karl tells Ricky and Steve about a run-down stately home, that doubled-up as a mental institution. This time, Karl is concerned about being too specific.

I try to find other podcasts to spark my interest, but they all genuinely pale in comparison. Listening to these at work, they are so funny, though getting a few stares because I am laughing so much. The version of this episode which is Now, many years after the original XFM days, I cannot get enough.

Retrieved 20 April Riicky finished listening to a couple and am going to eepisode all the rest.

Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. The Worst Bits – “Karl saying ‘and that'”. Such a great listen. I was so distraught that I was pushed to the brink of suicide. While Ricky talks to the camera and behaves with charmless superiority, Karl quietly sits beside him, answers questions, and sketches out some drawings for the book.

Karl writes a poem to sum up his day. Many thanks for upload I have been listening to these now For last year, can’t get enough, thanks again. You just made my night finding all these. This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat Love this page, and would like to visit it multiple times a day, but links are so temperamental: Just listened to the first 4 episodes and all are working very well. Review below to rate this answer and share your opinion.

XFM Series 2 Episode 41 – The Ricky Gervais Show

This week Karl will be appearing in “The Shining” in the film quiz. Robin surprises Ricky during his live standup by walking onto the stage and presenting him with a children’s book award for Flanimals, and giving him a live feed to the awards show whilst his own audience watches on. Huge fan of Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington. Overview Music Video Charts. The Worst Bits – “Ricky doing his Karl impression”. Downloads goes directly to cfm. I’ve been listening to this for 5 years and falling asleep to it daily.


The Worst Bits – “Ricky deries tracks”. The first few were a little short so presumed gwrvais rest were going to be like this but there not and all full Y. Originally released as an extra on the audio CD release of series one, ggervais was later made available free through iTunes. These are great, Karl is one funny guy, and for any fan of him, he has a new TV show out called Sick of It. Claire Sturgess stands in for him.

Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Bodcasts, iPods, Derek Acorahdilapidated mansion. This time, Steve invites you at home to weigh in.

Thanks for sharing these. Sad that they no longer all work together as some new fresh podcasts would be a real treat. Check this box to confirm you are human.

Displaced llamas and fussy eaters. These XFM shows are so good for chilling at night in bed. Karl is one funny man. It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts. I started with the podcast. Thank you so much for posting these.

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Currently my favourite website page on the entire internet. Karl is asked to consider whether he would harbour Anne Frank. Guys don’t skip the ones just because Karl is not in them, aeries are really good, sometimes even funnier. The quality of the audio is superb considering that these were on the radio and recorded way back in early

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