The whole story about the ripper is true but we would not know about his son because we do not know who the ripper actually is. Mar 13, Mara rated it it was amazing Shelves: In fact, once they convince Roosevelt Carver is mentally unbalanced, Carver is on the outs with everyone — except a few old pals from orphanage. It was fast-paced, and, while, yes, it was predictable, adventure stories usually are and that doesn’t take away from my love of this book. Maybe I would’ve liked it better if I hadn’t guessed the identity of the killer about halfway through – and found myself disappointed to be right. But, you know, whatever. Jun 03, SunriseDemon rated it it was amazing. Though it takes Carver half the book to figure out what the reader knows from page one namely, that dad, the killer, and Jack the Ripper are one and the same , from that point on, this is a roaringly good adventure, with a diabolical twist or two awaiting the young detective.

I admit, I almost didn’t read this book. You’ll be surprised at how many he didn’t make up, unless you’re well-versed in 19th-early 20th century gadgets. I would give this book a two star rating. Yingling rated it really liked it Shelves: One of my big pet peeves is when a ‘shocker’ ending is invented just to get a rise out of readers. The first chapter was amazing and made me want to keep reading right then and there. The lengths he went to sometimes to follow someone or find information…oh goodness, I would never have done that.

Before long, Carver’s personal search for his father becomes intertwined with the hunt for the serial killer and it becomes obvious that Carver is the only person who can put a stop to the vicious murders.

And i’m a big pansy about gore, so i was relieved. But he was, like, consistently described as, “Scrawny”, and i just have trouble getting into a guy like that. With Ripperhowever, I was not disappointed. Hawking plans to teach Carver how to be a great detective, although his methods are quite steran. If you want a good mystery, a huge surprise, a pinch of love, strong characters, and a pretty awesome plotline I could totally understand why Carver would get frustrated with him, but I was personally cheering during many of the instances when he Hawking gave Carver a boot in the pants.

The three are inmates of an orphanage that is closing, and they ploot go on to adoptive families in New York. The whole story about the ripper is true but we would not know about his son because we do not know who the ripper actually is.


Children’s Book Review: Ripper by Stefan Petrucha. Philomel, $ (p) ISBN

As far as characters, all the ones introduced were fairly well developed. I suppose it’s sort of neat how Petrucha weaves in actual historical figures and events – I particularly enjoyed his use of a young Alice Roosevelt, here a wild young girl always getting on her father’s nerves.

Hawking and the Pinkertons comes into question. I think she did this just to show connection between Carver and his dad to show how it must get in your head to have such a crazed father. I loved her at the same time as I thought she could have been so much more. The chapters are annoyingly short and have abrupt cutoff points; after reading the first 5 or so chapters in about as many minutes, I quickly scanned to the back of the book and was not surprised I grabbed this book from the YA section of the library because the plot seemed amazing and intriguing.

Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

And if it ever is summry, all I can hope is that the truth is more satisying than this fiction. Although some weren’t entirely believable. I’m not a big fan of horror and too much gore turns me off as a distinct lack of creativity – and I fully expected ‘Ripper’, based on the title, genre, and cover, to be full of flying limbs and meticulously described mutilated bodies.

He was an adventurer, a cowboy, a sheriff, a jingoist warrior, a conservationist and a progressive social reformer, all rolled up in one. Carver is also trying to locate his father after finding a letter from him at Ellis and trying to solve the newest Ripper-style murders. I mean, sure there’s blood, but it wasn’t, like, even half as bad as what you see on television. Hawking puts Carver to the task of finding Carver’s father, Carver Young wants to be a detective, so when he is adopted from the orphange in by Detective Hawking of the New Pinkertons agency, he is happy.

He adores all their gadgets, but when they hold back clues from Roosevelt and the plt, Carver finds himself squarely on the outs with them. Craver is brought into a secret society of detectives and is encouraged to try to find his biological father. The first known serial killer in modern history, the one that single-handedly defined the term Jack the Ripper, is back for more. But, I’d steer clear of it if you’re the type of person who gets frustrated with easy clues, almost-to-the-letter predicable twists and It feels like every other chapter Carver is learning about another lie or subterfuge done to either throw him off his search or make him a better detective.


stefa At least for a little while. I especially petruchs the character of Delia, a wannabe crime reporter, who proves that the mere fact that she is a girl doesn’t mean she has to be left behind.

Ripper has one of the best collection of characters I’ve come across since The Shadow of the Wind. Yes, it’s that kind of book. D read the book before me and dispelled my fears. The murders have the same MO as Saucy Jack: He matures and changes so much throughout this story, and I loved how realistic he was.

Ripper by Stefan Petrucha Goodreads Author. The cover of the copy that I read from says “you thought you knew him.

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Dec 17, Joe rated it liked it Shelves: While I agree that because of that, it is completely a great mystery read for middle graders, I enjoyed it for the characters, the twists, the mystery, and rippre concept. I absolutely loved Ripper, I’ve always been interested in the Ripper murders I’m not a lunatic, I promise so when I found Ripper for a few bucks I took it and ran. Okay, truly, I think I’m done. The mystery sucked me in and took me peteucha over NYC. Carver Young notices the murders are racking up in New York City and needs to stop his father.

The result is a fast-paced, entertaining thrill ride through old New York, heavy on suspense but not without humor and charm. I learned to read by having my grandfather read me comic books when I was three.

See all books by Stefan Petrucha. There isn’t that much about the actual Whitechapel murders. Feb 25, Kaye rated it it was amazing Shelves: Carver Young dreams of becoming a detective, despite growing up in an orphanage with only crime novels to encourage him.

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