The legendary taimen proves elusive and his Mongolian guide brings in a shaman in hopes of appeasing the river spirit. Reports claim this shark-like fish hacks boats apart and saws people in half, feasting on their flesh. Wade is the team’s angler. Jeremy Wade revisits some monster encounters in North America from the brackish channels of Florida to the freezing waters of Alaska. Investigating the identity of this creature, Jeremy faces cold-water fishing for the first time during the series. Almost immediately he encounters problems when the lake where he is fishing is closed and tries his luck in the wilderness of Corbett National Park , sharing the territory with man-eating tigers and wild elephants. After discounting all possible suspect fish, he learns that the culprit is something far out of his element — the Anaconda. Apparently the man was diving to spear fish, and ran into a school of small black fish.

Catching them in antoher. This rip-roaring ride through the dark side of nature mixes action and adventure with mysteries, edge of the seat chase and a battle of wills between man and almost supernatural beasts who lurk in the serpentine waterways of the planet, mooching murderously underwater, growing to truly awesome sizes. Jeremy is fishing at night under a waterfall on the Essequibo – and, catches a wolf fish! Basically a giant piranha, the tigerfish is believed to be responsible for gruesome deaths on humans, both in and out of water. With his usual methods useless to track down this monster, Wade must trek into the Anaconda’s lair himself to prove that they can grow to man-eating size. However, he was bleeding heavily, and the villagers had to make a makeshift Tourniquet out of leaves. This man was with a friend using a net.

While working with a scientist who studies these bizarre and dangerous creatures, Wade suffers a minor sting but recovers to capture a box jellyfish with his bare hands. A Mongolian shaman undergoes and incredible transformation. Finally, in Mongolia, he catches one. A mpnsters African River Monster is leaving behind a trail of terror. Retrieved 1 June Finally, Wade discovers the most likely killer of the bulk of the men — the box jellyfisha nearly invisible creature with the most deadly venom on the planet.

Episodes featured “Piranha” — Jeremy tosses a dead duck in the water and witnesses the ferocity of the flesh-eating piranha. However, Wade states that Tiger Sharks do not live in large enough goluath to be entirely responsible.

Jeremy looks back on the time he learned the gruesome truth about a Tigerrfish killer fish. River Monsters premiered on Goliatg in Great Britain, and became one of the most-watched, most successful programmes in Animal Planet’s history, and one of the most-viewed series on Discovery Channel in the American market. He hears that these waters are often home to discarded fishing devices.


Recent reports of fishermen vanishing without a trace on Alaska’s south coast leads Jeremy to America’s Last Frontier, with its ice-capped mountains, wild rivers, and isolated coves.

Archived from the original on 26 April He then fishes using two lines with alarms on the opposite banks of the tigerfishh, but this fails to attract a fish. Jeremy shows how using the wrong rod to catch a giant stingray in Thailand taught him a valuable lesson, the hard way!

It likes turbulent waters, where fish who are less powerful swimmers struggle against the current, rendering them vulnerable to attack. Feeling outgunned due to this handicap, Wade soon finds himself locked in combat with the largest arapaima he has ever caught. After venturing to the largest freshwater lake in Southeast AsiaJeremy abandons his modern fishing gear for a net and fishes with locals, placing him head-to-head against this small yet deadly opponent.

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Search for ” Demon Fish ” on Amazon. Featured animals Arapaima Arapaima gigas Tiger sorubim Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum Black caiman Melanosuchus niger Black pacu Colossoma macropomum Green anaconda Eunectes murinus Yellow-spotted river turtle Podocnemis unifilis Spectacled caiman Caiman crocodilus Additional creature: After receiving a report of a diver being brutally attacked, Jeremy Wade travels to Brokopondo Reservoir in the remote jungles of Surinamewhere he interviews the victim and hears his idea of the culprit.

Wade goes to fish, but encounters several snags. His guide calls in a shaman who agrees to summon a spirit to aid Jeremy’s quest. This behemoth can nearly glue itself to the bottom of the river, and once Jeremy hooks one, it may be his biggest challenge yet. A fisherman tells Jeremy that if he wants to learn the truth about the area he must visit a place described as a cemetery. SnakeheadWallago leeriiArapaimaGiant snakeheadpig, Monitor lizard Wallago Sareng catfish Jeremy learns of the mysterious deaths of two men on Malaysia ‘s remote Lake Kenyir.

The fact that there was a fish species that was new to him was surprising. After considering and discarding whales and manta raysJeremy becomes intrigued if the Red Devil may have a real-life connection to the mythological Krakenwhich is sometimes described as a “devil fish.

Indian narrow-headed softshell turtle Jeremy arrives at the Kali River in India, where a number of mysterious drownings have occurred. To escape what appears to be the wrath of the gods, he travels to Thailand to a lake inhabited by sareng, as well as countless other introduced river monsters. It circles them a few times, and although it cannot see them, it appears to be able to smell them.


He finds his answer in Oklahomawhere people catch catfish in a very unusual and dangerous method. He meets the fish that devours you from the inside-out.

He finally uncovers the truth that piranhas really can be dangerous to humans, but usually in the dry season when other food is scarce. But if you see one, what you’ll remember is its mouthful of 32 jagged, razorlike teeth. Poster from Season One.

In the “Pack of Teeth” episode, Jeremy goes to Botswana to learn about a killer fish that the locals think has special powers. Wade travels deep into the jungle in search of a monster fish and uncovers more reports of their savagery, attacking people and animals on both land and sea. Gray reef shark Featured animals: Giant freshwater stingray Himantura polylepis Mekong giant catfish Pangasianodon gigas Ocellate river stingray Potamotrygon motoro Giant barb Catlocarpio siamensis.

He hooked a vundu after he was given permission to fish in a restricted area, located directly beneath a dam. Wade then eliminates off all of the other candidates besides the goonch. On his first dive, Jeremy encounters a large crocodile that is inactive due to the cool temperature of the water.

After several of his crew members suffer parasitic infections during their shoots, Jeremy decides to submit himself for testing by a prestigious Liverpool medical lab.

And when those teeth slam down on prey, it’s a clean, almost surgical cut. Unsure if the marbled eel is the culprit, he travels to a remote region deep in the mountainous Fijian jungles.

First, a Giant trevally bites. Jeremy Wade has rivver dreaming of catching the elusive taimen his entire life.

Goliath Tigerfish

There are no shortages of monsters here! Fishing in the area reveals no monsters, so Wade leaves and returns to fishing in the ocean, where he lands a small barracuda. He recognises that the muskie fits the description of the lake monster in every aspect but one: These reveal cod and skate, but no large predator. Episodes featured “Jungle Killer” — Jeremy and his crew were struck by lightning while fishing for giant wolf fish in Suriname, Brazil.

Despite having a couch in its interior, Wade is still not comfortable with how cramped the Submarine is. Armed with a inch, venom -coated barb, this fish grows to 16 feet long and its venom has no known antidote.

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