She must’ve really disappointed! Don’t forget her bag -Cheers -Thank you for your hard work I owe you a big deal so the drink is on me Thank you -How ’bout bomb shot? You married to her Was it a joke? Tell me Moo-ryung Please make a way He is here! I’ll make it Thank you Real man never let a girl pay It’s gonna be on me I’ll take care of it When can you possibly pay back if you spend the money like this? Why carry cellphone as you only talk to the girl at the credit card company? You wanna talk to him to get it back What shall you do? I know that bastard Where are you?

Damn fool I am here to fetch my wallet They told me to come here Your name is? If not, I will scream Why came to someone’s work place? Call me when you hear this Don’t know what I did wrong but we should talk So call me please? You should’ve used the gun Moo-ryung! You couldn’t afford the hotel and brought a girl here? You cannot hit like that hard Hey, wake up!

Am I crazy to do that? You son of a bitch! With previous convictions and fingerprints, it can be very difficult Thank you, bro! What about the gun?

Why can’t you believe me? Detbors I was going to deposit anyway -Then have a good day, sir Listen to me Hello! Yes, of course Sometimes tide gets high Of course, everyone goes through some difficult times I miss Moo-ryung Let’s go to see her You’re not It’s really good to go with you Why not?


Aren’t you all right? They’re suvtitles so can wait a few more hours What’re you doing?

I’m afraid Geuk-hyun made some trouble already? How come you forgot my voice? Some penalty doesn’t hurt Moo-ryung!

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He’s got no taste at all Thank you Moo-ryung I’ll be a good man I’ll never forget your suubtitles Thank you so much Bong-doo, you’re a dead man Sincerety is the way to Heaven Stop right there bastards! If you got something to talk, just say it! I told you to be quiet! What about his phone number? How dare you stab the cop? What’s the use of catching the bad guys when you’re worse than them? You don’t know anything!

Subtiyles about you kicking me? You think you need a knife to kill someone? We need to finish the business Wanna check whether it’s okay You and the house really match You’re acting strange.

I told you not to underwrite debts over 1 00 times! Who do you think you are? You see nice cop never catches the criminal -No! I loaned from the bank You loaned the money and then gave it to a man? At least we’ve got one Look at me! Please give me a break, detective I swear god that I didn’t do this side -You even swear god? I sent you that over hundred times You don’t want the money? You almost killed me today Now you come to my workplace and disturb?


I got bruises all over! You should stay home and study! Please call 91 1 Are you okay, sir? Yes you’ll make the mess Doing nothing helps By the way, how’s the work?

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I thought you’re merciless person But you at least have a heart Anyone should help in that kinda circumstance You also try as hard as you did before to pay back, okay? I became the head of co-op this time Wow! Stop We came here before! How dare you hang up on me? You should buy me a drink Let’s go to eat.

My seal here If I ever ever loved someone the one should be only you Ifl ever Ioved someone the one should be only you -They say it’s Moo-ryung -What can subtittles do Please customer this doesn’t solve anything You are right But I’m already a dead man Need to bring someone along! You bastard, die die die! Where are you now?

Detective Bang, Homicide Dept. What are you thinking? Don’t know what to say I wanna kill these bastards!

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