I thought that exactly as I was watching the episode I’d like to think that he wasn’t in the Joseon era. They don’t have Yi Gak’s imperious tone, but if we’re looking at grammar and vocabulary, they are still definitely doing the funny sageuk-speak. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. The song lyrics for the song when Tae Yong is in present day New York. Wow, it’s kinda hard to wrap your head around it, isn’t it?.. They are in the woods.

Crown Prince Lee Gak and his fellows investigate the truth of her death, but they end up falling onto Park Ha’s rooftop house in the 21st century. The fact that such a character was never introduced concerns me. This episode was a much more successful one for me than the previous one; I thought Episode 11 was the one episode of the bunch that felt the dullest, and was sort tiresome to watch. My only problem is why does the Unni look younger than the younger sister? Now I’m hopeful for King 2 Hearts, which was at 1 percent. And yes, “Thank You” Super Subbers. Still, Yoochun cried during the kiss, so I’ll take that. About The story starts with the sudden death of the Crown Princess of Joseon.

But I’m not sure. I wish a happy ending for our hero and heroine!

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While watching the show I realized that Lee Gak has a distinctly different accent but the three ducklings don’t have as strong an accent. Starts from late at night when a cat is on the rooftop peering down as a man is seen running across the courtyard. NN April 27, at 8: We open in 18th-century Joseon times, with a cat meowing on a rooftop.

Please enter your username or email address. I don’t think we need an open-mouth kiss to have it be sexy. Also, he has alot more episodes to go and who knows what the ratings are going to be. Totem April 28, at 7: Mom and Se-na leave, and Park-ha closes up for the night. To kill time away from home, they take a walk to the top of the hill, where they pause while looking out at the city lights.


Hope the later info is true because I think they should give a chance to the others dramas before the ratings get so crazy and low or high……. Take for example today’s episode, when they were leaving to get a beer, they actually showed their back to him. To be honest, RT has not reached that level in terms of addiction but well, you say it, I can’t concentrate on anything on Wed and Thu: DownloadRatingRooftop Prince. I was wondering whether you would recap this drama. Although the cat is simultaneously dead and and alive, it is only so until the box is opened.

Yi Gak dreams of Bu-yong, remembering the word games they had played with each other at the palace. She thanks him for giving her good memories and making their time together fun, urging him not to feel sorry. Can u please recap Kings to Heart too. I wonder where you got into that accident. Your email address will not be published.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Not knowing that he found her goodbye letter prematurely her overnight trip was about the job, not a permanent departurePark-ha is puzzled at his strong reaction.

She spends her time embroidering beautiful designs that her sister takes credit for; Hwa-yong preens while Yi Gak heaps her with praise for her silk butterfly. Semi-fly Soompi Direct Download Episode 1 cr: We can enjoy a bit of a sageuk so things can be more refreshing. MissChiVyous April 26, at 8: Even he said whether the drama succeeds that depends on YC, not the storyline.

They put many details in one episode, which I think it’s pretty hard to follow but it’s also mean we’ll see funny and hilarious scene from F4 soon! April 27, at 2: She did twist and burn her sister on purpose.


He returns that they all thought she was loud and wicked: But it makes sense in this case since Yi Gak is from the Joseon era? March 21, Reply.

Now I’m hopeful for King 2 Hearts, which was at 1 percent. It was actually better than I expected. Then, it is possible she hired someone to off her sister, but was curious or hesitating and came to investigate.

I am impressed with Jung Il Woo’s kiss from flower boy. I really really really liked the first episode.

I was going to watch this drama no matter what, so this is just icing on my Chunnie cake. G asks are you sure this is the right place. The only thing that make me cool down after the prince make me so pissed off is that: He reports to his family that Tae-yong has disappeared, not betraying that he knows or believes him to be dead.

So beautiful… and then Young Tae Young saw her in her shop, draw a picture of her and left there, and the last lines were so sweet. Cheers and fighting JYJ! Thank you for the recap!

[VIDEO] Watch Rooftop Prince Episode 6

Thank you for the recap, JB. But we can see how profesional he is and he always do the best he can, all out. Finally they have realised their feelings for each other. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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