There is too much cuteness in Ep7 and so many Chunfaces for Chunsa: Is the answer to Yi Gak’s riddle a butterfly? Tae-mu happens by the doorway to them chatting, and decides to eavesdrop with the help of the cameras. LOL He’s indeed good. Too bad we don’t get two episodes this week, I want to see the next one already — there’s supposed to be a kiss between Yi Gak and Park Ha. I’m glad that stuff relating to Tae-yong’s case is coming to light I’m still convinced he’s still alive in NY, but comatose or whatever , and hope to find out more about the Joseon mystery in the coming eps. Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast. Yi-gak better fall for Park-ha soon he sort of has already, just he doesn’t know it yet.

But they always let off characters like hers in k-dramas, when they simply deserve to be forgotten forever. I would say I only felt the show went off in ep 7 so I’m just hoping it gets back on track. Ahn Suk Hwan Supporting Cast. I want ask someone for help. Equator Man settled back down to In mimicking the relationship of the original sisters, the drama uses modern drama tactics to give us a feasible way to connect them.

Thank you for the excellent explanation, DB5K. A young woman came with a young man and asked about a nearby elementary school.

So I expect him to guess her identity through an intellectual process, like he does with her hanja name. Mom goes easy on him by letting the accident slide as an instance of mutual bad luck, but decides to take him up on his generosity and ask if he could find her daughter a job. Prknce, just to share this tip to watch Rooftop Prince blocked videos on the Viki channel, use Firefox browser and follow the below method in the attached site.


RTP episodes are eventful and quickly paced. Poor Yong Sool, everyone is so mean to him, lmao!

I think it’s cool they have so much story lines roofop on though so they can’t run out of ideas like some dramas do right when they get half way. Your bow tie wearing dandy is Lee Moon-sik. I am dying to see how all the mysteries episods be explained, and I have faith that the scriptwriters not to let us down, because it seems like they have thought and planned everything out quite thoroughly.

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This site uses cookies. Oh my poor tall dark and handsome Yong Sool!

I believe Sena will try to get close with Lee Gak and eventually fall in love for him. I can’t wait for them to go back to the rooftop house for more rooftop family bonding!

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He became my bias since Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop make me fall deeper in him. In which case, I am willing to wait for Episode 8. I don’t know the actors name, but just looking at him makes me happy for some reason.

Yoochun gave him that nick on twitter. Too bad we don’t get two episodes this week, I want to see gooftop next one already — there’s supposed to be a kiss between Yi Gak and Park Ha. He warns Se-na to end the relationship immediately.

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Although he was reincarnated as Tae-yongSe-na has no memories of her past life as princess. Both their happy and sad moments are very natural. I want ask someone for help. She adds the firm warning: Angskeet April 12, at 7: You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Draamcrazy needs a button that reads: Episode 7 felt awkward at certain points. I really like this drama,can’t wait for subs.


You both made such valid points. I am not keen on the double birth secret either. Thanks very much for your insightful, thorough and fast-produced recap. But now his charm appeal is off the roof!

I first fell in love with Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

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Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast. I’m thinking it’s going to be more than shampoo Love the rangers ; I was so ecstatic when he made the bu yong connection!

Like a basset hound. She rips into him, calling him a lowlife after all.

Maybe Se na was deposed for something related to Tae mu etc etc. It’s hard not to be captivated by his charms. Se-na plays it off like she was the one at the studio, nipping their lead in the bud for now. Log in with Email.

And I’m still probably going to watch every ep unsubbed and subbed all the way to the finale Hopefully just a case of having to fill some spaces here so the next ep will be awesome!

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