Have you ever been defended by your crush from a bully? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Thank you for the recap! It lead into a great start and landed with Yi Gak blurting out his feelings in the open.. They must’ve surely brought the body out for the last rites and if it has the Princess’s sister instead of the Princess herself, they would’ve noticed. Farpavilions April 28, at 8: The good stuff is starting to happen, and you’re right, the unknown is about to happen! And show, please spare me the plastic surgery.

I can’t understand why differen’t people were used. Mimi urges her to head down to Pohang right away, since Uncle is interviewing other candidates. Yong-sool argues like a seasoned warrior, saying that an unwinnable fight is best avoided. I just hope that the joseon people including modern park ha will be transported to the past and her and yi gak’s situation will be reversed the crown prince will boss her around, etc. Man-bo vows that they must beat Tae-mu. Fitzgerald 2 years ago. Plus, the other three now aren’t just the funny sidekicks, but more becoming one of the main motivations for Yi Gak to find a way back to the Joseon era.

When he’s around other people, he’s posing as Tae-yong, and should therefore speak differently. Or maybe they do and I am not noticing it?

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I posted this in the GAPP too. Kil Yong Woo Supporting Cast. The only solution is getting Bu-yong to come to the future to get some cosmetic surgery to restore that beauty of hers. Rooftop PrinceYoochun. I wonder how he carried her for so long in this episode, considering he doesn’t seem to work out.

As per the murder mystery of the past, am thinking Sena had a man in the past that killed her after she married the Prince Check out the video!!! I didn’t really pay much attention to the parents from the past, therefore, it wasn’t an issue for me.


And his cousin Tae Mu who has a secret affair with his secretary Se Na becomes a strong candidate for the successor to the company. Personally, I think she is one of Korea’s top actresses, she has the ability to make her leading men more appealing, amazing considering how delicious they are to start with.

The kiss here is fine. Actually, I’d really like to see them become increasingly competent and successful by learning how to utilize their talents and adapt their skills in their new reality.

I’ve spent the last couple of episodes trying to figure out what it is about Micky that has me so I am actually really interested in this drama….

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Here i was expecting the confession will be stalled and then wham it happened. Thank you so much for recapping. Such a sweet bittersweet kiss, awwwww. March 22, Reply. Maeng Sang Hoon Supporting Cast.

She starts to complain, but he falls asleep and Park-ha rolftop slides a pillow under his head. To kill more time, they head to a restaurant for some snacks. Is it weird to think a neck is sexy? One thing that i really appreciate about this drama is how fast the table turn.

Rooftop Prince

Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast. No, I don’t believe he has made the connection that Park Ha is Sena’s sister, even the handkerchief how do you write that incident did register something. Do Koreans sng real life usually have a chaste style of kissing? Mom notices him looking at the photo and explains their family relationships, identifying Park-ha with her father. It seems that he really loves her, and that emotion can really ruin him, it can cloud his judgement and allow him to make rash decisions whereas she is very cool and calculating- she would analyze what would benefit her the most.

I really belive that will be the case. The confession, and then the pronce kiss. Ondubu April 27, at 2: If yesterday was all about Park-ha confronting roftop feelings and trying to resolve them, today was all about Yi Gak doing the same.


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I should have watch more sageuks to brush up the sageuk-speak. Kiara April 26, at 9: I totally spazzed out at the end of the episode. Such as Yoochun’s other closed-lips kiss in SKKS, all the part with the untying of the hats leading up to the kiss was sooo hot! Kyun Mi Ri Supporting Cast.

The present is getting complicated with too many villains and birth secrets and i just want them to be together without the blehnemies. I don’t think it could’ve been the sister either. But you’re right, they seem to be losing the accent as the series go along.

But here’s my rationale on the whole situation. Thanks in advance Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy She peers around him and spots Grandma, though, so he explains that Grandma is under the misconception that Park-ha was at prinve for his contract falling through.

NN April 27, at 8: Season 2 – EP.

She’s already commented on how much sunnier and nicer Park Ha is, when she bumped into her at the hospital. I don’t think either of them will remember each other after he figures it out. Try listening to his other track “My Girlfriend” and compare. Please don’t be that ending. She supposes that his father told him the truth. The killer may have mistaken her for the sister and ended up killing her Now I want moaarrr please.

Semi-fly Soompi Direct Download Episode 1 cr: Too bad, backstabbing transcends space and time.

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