His ‘pretentious’ movie reviews are quirky, realistic takes on movies we all loved and grew up watching. It was not brainlessly funny in the old Govinda-school way unless of course you consider people running over roofs chasing chickens and people confessing not to have changed their kacchas as funny. Some perticular pieces may be over th top which I despise as well but there are too many good ones to write him off. Kiron Kherr acts like a maniac who would make Hannibal Lecter fear for his life. Prabhat April 11, — Thanks everyone who think Black is trash. Sharat May 19, — 1: This blog is not the Bible.

In fact in bollywood worst movies list is a bottomless pit, there is no end to it. The rest are carefully put to generate buzz. Arnab Tumpy August 31, — If this list were about biggest disappointments.. Well, with rest of the other films I can agree with you. His ‘Abish’isms are clean-for-all ages and have made him quite a name to reckon with. Shishir December 20, — 5: But with Amitabh for every 10 Black type movies he stars in one Last Lear and leaves us astounded.

Gyanban December 20, — I think for me by far the worst one is that Anil kapoor becoming CM for a day pretentiious. Actually I agree with you that movies are a matter of individual taste. When has the British become so nice?

Hey, no one asked for an IPod!! Bhruia is probably worse than Belloq and the Nazis: Black has been voted as one of the 10 best movies of across world by Time Magazine…. Sayandip December 21, — 3: Anonymous February 13, — 1: Likewise for Devdas it had its moments, even though much in excess.

In Black, Bachchan pretengious playing the role of a drunk, depressive failure, not a stiff-lipped professor of Oxford University. I know its your list and you can do whatever you want. Rammanohar December pretenyious, — 7: Five of them in total. SRK featured quite a bit as I can see.


Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag If you are calling me a pigeonhead for forcing people to accept that Asoka is great, then you should take back your words.: Post navigation Previous Thank You Everybody. Making the stretching of arms the centerpiece of your acting makes the film bad. Archita December 22, — 5: Vikas March 22, movif Tejaswy December 20, — 8: Utter crap and all those awards!

These should be on top of the list my friend. The recording is played to a lab rat, who becomes possessed by the demonic forces it contains, and the rat in turn infects the blondest American scientist. And oh how can I forget? More or less spot on. There are films that have indeed used those forms — but hello — Asoka or Mohabbatein are not among them.

And Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag is the absolute nadir because it is also of the rare times when everything that contributes to making a movie watchable—acting, script, characterization, direction—- goes as wrong as it possibly can. Anonymous February 25, — 6: The most horrible critic, I have ever come across so far! Though I thought Agli aur Pagli should have been there ….

I still remember Mohabbatein and the hype surrounding it. Pretentioux it looks hamming to you, its probably because you have accepted a limited definition probably borrowed from western critics who unfortunately have very low level of tolerance for anything that deviates from the norm of what constitutes good acting.

If you are trying to say that the prtentious people who have liked Asoka are like adolescents with no taste, then you are wrong.

Demon Seed: Rudraksh

With your argument that GB only considered the ones that disappointed people the most, the list is bang-on. I agree sidhu and suman are really pedestrian. To place this movie in ten worst movies of the decade is carrying SRK-loathing to extremely toxic levels! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These are immaterial, IMO and only vitiate the arguments without adding anything. That last sentence means that I can use big words as well as any dada.


The sheer brightness of the colors are an assault on the optic nerve. Madhu December 22, — 4: I think I know what SRK would do in response. But by and large we see acceptable acting in most hindi movies. Every commentator can use his personal blog to make his own list of worst movies. Kalyan December 21, — 6: Agree with previous commenter Uday Chopra?

You will get some perspective of how poets and authors throughout history have used creative license to tamper with the original tale. It is clearly not enough for him to make a list of the worst movies, he has to deliberately provoke so as to get responses for the post. Can you consider the possibility that this man has better cinematic sensibilities than most of us?

Here’s An Idea Of How Much Your Favourite Indian YouTube Stars Might Be Earning Every Month

You pretentoous my coffee spill man! One love story after another like stakes through the heart. So why is Emperor Asoka being discriminated against? Here is my list of worst With his eyes obscured by the jacket and fearful of what he had just seen as the jacket was taken off, the crocodile turns around and starts running.

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