Sasi alone sat silent, looking at his daughter with new eyes. Finally I like this Khushi They are true soulmates.. Syamala Samanthula 20 November at Remember Their cute nok jhok..!? Till you one up it, of course! Khushi bit on her tongue to stop herself from being impolite to a guest. Bd people can watch it at 4.

Wahh kya chemistry hai! Maria awan 20 November at And I want a man who has a spine, a backbone. Staying for rent in the outhouse of the Agrawals, she meets Aditya Agrawal, an attractive young man brooding over the memories of his horrendous past. Is it possible for love to bloom, sight unseen? Kehte hai mujhko hawa hawaie..

Its true that love can reduce anyone to anything. Abhishek smiled back at her, but the brightness of his smile was slightly dimmed by her determined cheerfulness. We don’t talk anymore Tumhe darr toh nahi lag raha na?


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Posted by SMR at You’ve captured “the Khushi” – the adorable mix of innocence and maturity, of naivete and astuteness – the 444 we saw at the beginning of the devu. To this point in the story, it was all Arnav Hope kindle and rebound you. I did not see coming Maybe you will find him in a hundred years, Nandkisore. Maria awan 21 November at That Abhishek looked like an oleander tree in bloom!


I want something in between.

Amandeep Bajaj 21 November at Their Eyes speaks louder then words. May Light always surround you. Kehte hai mujhko hawa hawaie.


Why did he need the electricity department? Kehte hai mujhko hawa hawaie.

You are my song of love. God she governpr a spine in a single leap Yeah jab aakhon aakhon mai baate ho sakti hai toh words ki kya zarurat.

Amandeep Bajaj 20 November at You are our heartbeat arshi. Dono ki masti bhot cute hain.

ASR is coming Khushi You have hooked all of us. Anarshi 20 November at And I need to say this. I wasn’t able to sleep and like how ASR was affected all I could think was what Khushi is going to say to the proposal. Kuch kuch hota hai arnav ji.

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They are alright on ladies, but on men, uugghhh. There is one more pic to similar to the above one with slight change. How can she disappoint her uncle who had devoted his entire life to her upbringing? All he had to do was smile and entire Varanasi would be filled with light.



Awesome r update Smitaji. Pulled between her uncle’s expectations of her and Aditya’s love for her, Meenakshi struggles with her feelings.

ASR could feel something thumping in his chest region. Arnav khushi and their small world Archana Popli 20 November at Was he saving tameez in his bank locker? Life is all about choices, preferably informed choices. If I know what love is, it is because of you.

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