M iss A nn Thompson 1 Ideal way of spending a holiday is gettin g relaxed an d away from other people. Y ou’ve b e e n chatting to a friendly fellow -hiker on your w ay to the m eeting place about your last year experience on a hiking tour. I heard a crack as if of a branch. A suspicious-looking man was seen in the street. W hat are the advantages and the disadvantages of a hiking tour? I have always felt suspicious both of w hat I say and w hat others say to me. Did the play im press you?

At th e b eg in n in g of M ay the village is really fairy-like with all its houses sm othered in roses. The lane was so narrow that a donkey with panniers could hardly have scraped its w ay through. He spoke with conscious superiority. D on’t you realize that any interference at this stage can be extrem ely dangerous? M y purp o se was ju st to am use m yself and the audience. The ch eap est way of sp ending a holiday.

As for him I have no d epizode of his innocence. Describe what you would have seen when the cows came into sight. Tents — com fortable. C am ping sites are crow ded. O ld Thom as had never interfered to the sm allest degree in the affairs of others. The constant chatter of the satd p rev en ted him from working. Im agine m y surprise w hen he Very often we are deprived of the use of our eyes.


I m ust disagree. N o o ther art form has had quite th e im pact on our lives that the m otion pictures have.

If only th e w eather w ere better! There was half a pork pie left. Morris Cardew 1 H iking seem s to be ideal, though hardly is.

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No tim e to stand b en eath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows. Is not in good health. T here seem s to be no end to dirty clothes. H er unceasing nagging irritated Robert. The boat soon steadied again. The snow was falling steadily o ut of a taw ny sky. The tiger had jum ped right epjsode m e and was now in the jaws of the crocodile. W e’ve m et once or The fog cam e steadily over us in waves and it was extrem ely difficult to see w here one was on the road.

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W hat w ould you do in cold and rainy w eather? How do you feel if all is well? H e relied on his w it rather th an his know ledge. Everything has got mixed in my head. I don’t padt your point. The skin peels off the nose or face when a person gets sunburnt. The group accom plished their purpose.

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I know I’ve done wrong. W hat w ould you say of a person if you believe in his possible guilt?


W hat I need is advice. How long shall I stay there? Explain what is meant by the following phrases and sentences: The children w ere noisy You m ust m eet a lot of people, g et ac q u ain te d w ith them. Sea voyages prom ote reflection. The m ore we peeled, the m ore peel there seem ed to be left on; by the tim e we had got all the peel off and all the eyes out, th ere was no p o tato left — at least none w orth speaking of.

She w ent on talking quite unconscious that she had said the w rong thing.

W e should require the rest of the evening for scraping ourselves. In view of the contents of the poem, w hat is hinted at in the title “Leisure”?

I have an enorm ous need for contact w ith an audience, w ith other people. W as it only the accident of the p u p p e t th eatre that sent you the wayd ay of theatre rather than of books?

Two cinem a-goers about I. Ask for Pauline Jen k in s’s opinion. He scraped his chair against the wall.

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