My friends are very appreciate. They move over to check on the soup, and when the smell reaches Ho-jung, she suddenly covers her mouth and holds back the nausea. I’m really enjoying MDSY, it’s unfortunate that it isn’t being subbed. Hope u have good health and happy life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a wonderful, wonderful ride. Upstairs, Seo-young tries to get Sol to fall asleep, while Woo-jae watches the two, ooobviously smitten. Thank you very much for this all…. I eager to watch The Greet Seer but for now, Arang dominates every single aspects in my life.

Ho-jung says Sol seems like a bean sprout, and Seo-young quickly defends her darling. OMG, couldn’t still get over the lovely couple. You just read the article. ShinRaeMi07 October 8, at 6: I am still on episode 4. I totally agree with Elviore your writing style amazes me. But what endears them to me, what makes them warm the cockles of my heart, is the message of enduring family love.

Seo-young comes in, apologizing for being late — her meeting ran longer than expected — and Mama Kang complains that she had suuuch a hard time today because of her granddaughter.


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Marriage is between two families — not just between the couple. At the hospital, Papa Lee slowly opens his eyes and finds a tearful Sang-woo and Ho-jung beside him. But Woo-jae-sshi seems like a dummy. Papa Lee continues to work hard on his rocking chair, which is nearly complete. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. Ho-jung for the win? If there is something you want to say, you should say them immediately instead of pushing it off.


[vietsub] Seo Young, My Daughter Ep 50 P3/3

Mi-kyung bought her ticket without consulting the fellowship with her family; and Sung-jae has decided to be a manager agent instead of an actor. Woo-jae is busy pacifying Sol and telling Seo-young to go back to sleep, and he eventually falls asleep, arms around both of the precious treasures of his life.

Papa Kang asks his wife what she thinks about this outrageousness, and Mama Kang just flashes her trademark smile and says they should support their kids. Posted July 4, The kids are all curious as to what happened, and Papa Lee explains that after her parents passed away, Mama Lee went to Dae-gu in search of him. Thanks for a great season of recaps…so much more entertaining than just the subtitles. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email required Address never made public.

Every other drama is kind of overestimating it, imo. Who the heck hangs a flag in their lab?! I know the adults came on episode 9. So happy for the ending.

Sung-jae announces the brides, and Seo-young and Ho-jung walk down the aisle with their father. It is entertaining, witty, heartwarming and funny!

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And it was a tale of forgiveness and reconciliation. And yes, its makjang, but each episode is still, manage to bring some fun and cute scene so the makjang portion not play a dominant factor in this drama. Thank you Pinkblossom… It is a great pleasure to read your recaps after every episode. Woo-jae just staaaares, letting the car veer off and sending the lovely drivers of Korea into road rage plus, and Seo-young yelps for him to pay attention.


Aye October 8, at 3: IHYV – eng sub ep9 http: It was a pretty hilarious drama. I was the same, but the children did such a great job that in the end you want to see more of them.

Single mom, betrayed by her husband I get a fix of my MDSY addiction by doing this. A joint wedding ceremony with Seo-young, Woo-jae, Ho-jung, and Sang-woo!! I think this one was actually aired, not just tacked on. Seiyoung Lee just nods in acceptance and slowly makes his way toward the windows.

Episode 3 by Regals. In keeping with the theme of brevity, I will content myself with one sentence: From a visual and editing standpoint, Seo-young was so daughtr done, a feat difficult to achieve for these long-running, lower-budget weekend shows. Time slots deoyoung competition are big factors in the ratings game, and KBS hit the jackpot with the 8pm weekend time slot. And My Daughter Seo-Young sounds cute.

Sang Woo has definitely not.

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