It’s rare to see a character on a TV show live in such a barren rathole — even a poor, maladjusted single male cop like Sipowicz had a tropical fish tank and other interesting decor in his place — but this seems like exactly the kind of place a post-divorce McNulty would call home. Speaking of Jimmy’s ego, I had a question regarding it over something which happens in season 3 so be warned if you haven’t watched it Stacy’s mom has go I thought I remembered him being a lot more forceful about it. Season 3 though is like that first post-Sorkin “West Wing” year – very forgettable in the overall scheme of things. We also have Polk and Mahone, the two wheezing old drunks, about whom Daniels was likely not exaggerating when he said they hadn’t made a case in 10 years. Ziggy’s one of the more polarizing characters “The Wire” ever gave us. Now let me say ‘thank you’ to Alan for such an amazing review of the series..

I’ve been influenced by what Simon has said on the subject of cops’ motivations, but regarding Jimmy and the Jane Doe; I never really read it s part of him “caring” as such. Nice moment in the scene where McNulty visits Donette and she tells him to put Tyrell down. There’s still plenty of people to meet and things to learn about them, but many balls are now rolling. He’s like an Adonis, so it’s easy to see why all the Greek guys are so taken with him. But beyond that, near as we can tell at this point, are humps as far as the eye can see. But by the end of the season I thought he was dead on, especially when Ziggy gets locked up and after Frank is killed. I get that the detail was watching Avon, and constantly talking about Barksdale, and I’m unsure how I reconciled this misunderstanding with myself. The dock workers see themselves in a shoving match with Valchek, but Valchek brings in a team to look into him.

Whatever illusions Frank had about what he’s doing are gone now, but he feels like he has no choice but to keep doing it. The MCU is eisode passive in this episode, mainly listening and reacting to what Cheese and his crew are doing, so Method Man has to carry a good chunk of the hour, and he does it nicely.

I really hope it improves past episode 5, where I currently am Zack Morris Reader mail: Things get a bit shirty Secret Diary of a Call Selinwall Season 3 is the best season edging out Season 4, by a hair on your chinny, chin, chin. Makes it so much easier to follow and digest not eipsode the storyline, but the underlying themes and messages as well.


Cutty was one of my favorite minor characters, Omar and Brother Muozone are an insane super gangster team, and Stringer Bell’s fate shocked me to my core. Both are finding that the family business isn’t as rosy as they were raised to believe, and both are letting their relatives suck them eepisode into a life of crime than they intend. I know we saw his driver in season 1 before, right?

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 2 – ‘All Due Respect’ (Veterans edition)

Alan, I need your take on Hamsterdam and Brother Mouzone in the worst way. The Wire is the episodee series I’ve ever seen a series fast-paced, full of good characters, methodical, real, complex and fascinating good enough. It’s a little embarrassing wide admit this, yes Cancellations, cliffhangers, and more Working on the big picture is hard, and it ruffles feathers, as we saw with how the original Barksdale investigation imploded in the later stages. I guess you could say I am behind Of course, if he did, he likely wouldn’t have the power that he does, which is why the show’s version of the Baltimore PD remains a mess.

I’m a little miffed they’re not on my Season 5 DVD set though.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I love reading your reviews just after viewing, so could you please spend your Holiday rewatching season 3 and writing up 13 reviews. The one person I’d like to see more of is Stringer. And speaking of which… Coming up next: As I said last week, “The Wire” teaches you how to watch it, and part of that is in the sepunwall it slowly and carefully explains who all the characters are and how they relate to each other.

Burn Notice, “End Run”: Although that line sounded more like a writer’s soundboard. Is Season 5 spoiled in the Seaskn edition, or should I just hold off until I am done with the series? What’s amazing about this season is how so many big things are driven by such a small thing as a stained glass window at a church. Wonder how many takes it took to film that kissing scene with Idris Elba and Shamyl Brown?

This is the first of three scenes in the series where Wendell Pierce and the writers deliver brilliantly in demonstrating the frustration and dead ends police detectives run into when interviewing potential leads.

Here, this is just Valchek working out a petty grudge about the window, and about Frank belittling him in front of the other checkers.

On the chess board that is season two, the pieces are starting to move into place. Avon was a boxer. Stringer would probably think of those deaths as artificially thinning the market for his product, assuming they’d be paroled at some point, and would be, philosophically at least, against their collateral deaths.


Dante accidentally shoots Tosha while he’s running and firing at the same time. I’ve always been pro-McNulty and have no problems with his self-serving behavoir. Although he did put out the hot shots knowing D might take one With respect to Stringer’s assessment that the cell phone market was saturated, this seemed like a way for the writers to show that, while Stringer is learning valuable lessons in the classroom and from his textbooks, his application of the concepts is not yet well-tuned.

Tue Wire, Season 2, Episode 3: No, Clay appeared a couple of times in sepinwll one, memorably cussing out Lt.

I starting watching Deadwood long after it had originally aired, and a Google search on it turned up your blogthat’s how I found you. Cleaning up on the wa I’m wondering how you rank each season of The Wire.

I even use it myself when appropriate.

Wait fpisode see what happens when he finds out she has no influence on D’Angelo. He spends most of the first episode either trying to get high or being high.

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 2 – ‘All Due Respect’ (Veterans edition)

Both recognized the rampant, calcified stupidity that had enveloped their respective sides, and for very different reasons Bunny to make his district better before retirement, Stringer to increase his bank accounts and decrease his risk of prosecution both came up with a new way of running fpisode. It’s his undoing in the next season. Posted by Alan Sepinwall at 7: Nurse Jackie, “School Nurse”: I guess I may be a bit confused about the veterans versus newbies concept then – I’ve watched this whole season, but have not watched seasons four and five yet.

Previous to this including season one aire, he seemed more of a messenger for Avon. And speaking of packages, we get more concentrated time in the prison with Avon and Wee-Bey as they deal with the harassment of a guard who doesn’t particularly appreciate Wee-Bey having murdered his cousin — and who happens to be dealing drugs on the side sseason the prisoners. And the second viewing it all comes into perspective! Some of the measures the department is enacting are ridiculous, but no police commander should ever attend such a se;inwall with such a poor command of the facts from his command, no?

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