Home Ours to Love Wicked Lovers, 7. Quotes from Theirs to Cherish. I cannot freaking believe I’m just getting my ass to read her books. Creo que le voy a dar un 2. Jack, unlike Hunter came off to me as a sexy Cajun who charmed is way into Morgan’s heart instead of emotionally and physically stalking his prey. It was the poor dialogue and how the overall story was written.

It was also pretty obvious from Morgan’s choice of investigation topic that she at least had a passing interest in the topic. Alyssa also has a stalker and this drives Luc crazy. But once the author let Kata and Hunter only focus on each other I become very much entranced with Hunter and just how much he is dead set on protecting the woman that has stolen his heart. Sexy,hot and enjoyable read. Of course it forced him to fall for the woman he really loved and it all worked out beautifully, but come on. I will never stop looking. Then we have Callie.

I suppose that is what happens when “kittens” start to tame the beast.

View all 4 comments. I loved them both. Okay, first thing I want to address: What am I saying? I think the series blafk lost the meat that readers grabbed onto and now it has another form of “meat. If I know it’s going to be heavy bdsm with whips and floggers and humiliation and painthen I avoid it.

While in the guardaespaodas, Kimber accidentally lets slip Luc’s sterility secret to Alyssa, and understandably upset, Alyssa kicks Luc out and refuses to see or talk to him.

Their Virgin Concubine

I can’t remember the last time I loathed a charatcer more than Tyler. Wicked Lovers 1 – 10 of 13 books. In Wicked Ties he was charming, teasing, flirtatious – strong and sexy, definitely, but also nice, a good counter to Jack. There were kidnappings that had taking place and while they suspected one person, you never found out until close to the end of the story, what was really going on. Refresh and try again.


You’re not in control of yourself. He knows what he wants from the first pages of the book and does everything in his power to get it.

Hunter’s character was written so coldly. The blurbs sound good, but you can never judge a book by its blurb. Marriage is not the only solution he had. This story was pure fantasy, straight out of the Cinderella fairy tale dressed up in contemporary erotic romance, with a dash of BDSM tossed in for flavoring.

Finalmente sono riuscita a leggere la storia di Thorpe, il misterioso proprietario del Dominion, e non mi ha delusa.

Surrender to Me (Wicked Lovers, #4) by Shayla Black

It frustrates me that I have to wait a year between books. I’m 99 percent sure the danger she’s running from will catch up to her and her big, bad alpha males will save her and they’ll all live a HEA. Even after Alyssa told him that she loved Luc he relentlessly tried to convince her otherwise. Tellme what you want, Sir. Whoever can keep up with those demands well, it’s gotta be a match made in heaven. Not that I don’t believe that the plane Janes of the world doesn’t deserve happily ever afters I do Now, in this latest installment, I find that I am disappointed that I didn’t get to lose myself in a “socially unacceptable” fantasy land I have become accustomed to I suppose that’s what fiction is supposed to be.

He had issues which thank God he was able to overcome. Look, I know this is fantasy. Yes, eventually, he got it and he stopped being a total douche Luc has a very bad problem with trust were Alyssa is concerned.

View all 21 comments. A parte de eso, la trama sinceramente no se sostiene.


In all parts guardaesaldas his life, he is some part dominant, some part tender, intelligent, and so many other things. I adored him from the very first page, yes I was not in full agreement that he would so easy be able get into the threesome thing, it just seemed not really the kind of thing a big tough Navy Seal would do.

I haven’t read a ‘sheik’ book since I was in my 20’s when I was quite naive and I honestly didn’t think I would ever read another one. Luc, Deke’s cousin is introduced which I srie as well. I was told by good friends of mine, that when Ms. Could there be something inside it? He’s a baby Dom but well on his way to having it all figured out. But Kata is like no other girl Hunter has ever met.

Only this time her years at the club have managed to get all good and entangled with two very different men who are determined to help her escape her past.

Having said all that, this is probably still the best written novel of the series so far. Luc TraversonAlyssa Devereaux. Her strength and tenacity to not fit the stereotypical stripper role were co This was a 4. Books by Shayla Black. There wasn’t as much guadraespaldas scenes as the previous book but they were def steamy.

Apr 13, Elisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 28, Mette rated it it was ok Shelves: He wants a wife who could be a mom like his mom was. This series eats you alive!

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