Ouri is told by Riko that when he first came to the orphanage as a child, there were cases of missing children in the area during that time. Despite Makina and Minai’s intervention in trying to kill him, Mitsuyoshi’s abilities and his fighting strength resist their efforts to subdue him. He encounters Sadahiro and Akira, who were aware of Ouri’s involvement with Makina due to his former acquaintance with Minai before she was destroyed. Makina, still succumbing to her bond with Keisei, breaks out of the cave and escapes past Rika’s reach. Curious about Ouri’s compassion for Shikabane Hime and sensitivity to Shikabane, Makina approaches Keisei, who describes Ouri’s first appearance at the orphanage at the age of three. Hizuchi , the one who revealed this story, then knocks Makina unconscious. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

While checking on the safety of the orphans, Keisei is stabbed by the possessed Ouri. Ouri is told by Riko that when he first came to the orphanage as a child, there were cases of missing children in the area during that time. A second season, subtitled Shikabane Hime: As Ouri tries to commit suicide with fire, the black cat takes over, revealed to be the kidnapped children in the past. Ouri, arriving at the forest and encountering Sadahiro Mibu there as well, runs off to find Makina, while Rika prevents Sadahiro from interfering. After he loses control when he remembers his childhood, he is then kicked him out of the sect, being relieving of his job as a Contracted Monk, much to his worry. Black , aired in Japan between January and March

However, she turned into a Shikabane, forcing Akasha to kill his own Shikabane Hime.

While playing a soundtrack from Osaki’s album cover, Keisei gives Makina a hand in destroying Osaki. When Makina then points her gun at Rukuoka, Keisei arrives and manages to stop her before she pulls the trigger.

CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. Ouri had been the sole survivor when Ouri’s mother kidnapped and hims many children when she became a Shikabane. During the funeral, Ouri is approached by head inspector Rinsen Shirae, who says that Keisei was called into heaven before turning into a Shikabane.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When Ouri and Makina arrive, Sadahiro and Akira prohibit them from entering the purification chamber, but Makina manages to get in with Ouri’s help.


It is revealed that Tomoharu became a Shikabane four years ago to control the cars driven by young drivers and cause collisions. Traditionally, according to the president of Funimation Entertainment Gen Fukunaga, “by the time a licensing deal is signed datch bring a series from Japan to the U.

From then on, Isaka and Minai found their bond together. All of a sudden, Ouri is engulfed by the black cat, turning him into a Shikabane.

Nozomi finds Makina and suggests that Ouri could never know Makina like she does, but Makina retorts by stating Ouri knows more about her than Nozomi ever will. The Seven Stars claim to have released their “true nature” in order to live their life without regrets. As the three ride inside the SUV, it takes control and tells them to kill each other until one is left, lest they all will die. In the purification chamber, Hokuto breaks through the barrier created by the bishop Tokihana Shiou and punches right through his body.

Akasha realized that the concept of gaining entry into heaven was in fact a total lie.

Dagashi Kashi Please Tell Me! At night, Keisei assists A,a in fighting off a Shikabane that attacked Isaki, who rendered her useless at first. Although Rinsen advises him not to, Ouri decides to become a Contracted Monk to honor Keisei’s name and look after Makina’s welfare. Ouri resumes his priest training wath Takamasa, while Makina is guided by Rika to complete an enkiri inside a cave to rid herself of the rotten rune.

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The episode shows a flashback when Takamasa and Itsuki became a team about four years ago. Second Season Shikabane Hime: Ouri arrives just in time to embrace her, diminishing her rune and allowing her to kill the monk.

Most of watcch other Contracted Monks and Shikabane face off against Isaka and Toya, being able to defeat the both of them. Without further ado, here are the 15 deadliest zombie anime ever.

This series follows the story of Keisei’s younger brother Ouri, a boy with an unusual attraction to death, who slowly discovers his brother’s secret and gets dragged into the world of the Shikabanes. Augmented Reality Girls Trinary Ouri catches up with Nozomi, who is about to be consumed by her own “happiness” in a form of a Shikabane.


A limited edition version of volume 17 including a drama CD was released in April PV English dub version play More videos Edit Synopsis After being brutally murdered along with her family, Makina Hoshimura turns into a Shikabane Hime, a living corpse contracted to the Kougon Cult, in order to exert revenge on the mysterious undead organization responsible for her death. Upon Ouri’s departure, Ooyatsuka is visited and then killed by seven extremely powerful Shikabane calling themselves the Seven Stars.

One day, when Tomoharu was awtch out-of-town with his parents, they were hit by a reckless young driver, swerving their car off a cliff.

Itsuki transferred as a student with Takamasa, befriending fellow classmate Tomoharu Kishibewho was aware that Takamasa loves Itsuki.

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This is actually where their bond originated. Overwhelmed by her strength, Makina is no match against Hokuto, who throws her into the lake. This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat She is hunted down by Saki Amasewho wields a giant hammer. Gaina Khara Gonzo Trigger.

After releasing Ouri from being possessed by Ena, Akasha appears and mortally wounds Keisei, taking out his left eye. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Makina, struggling at this moment, is having a hard time shooting Kowaku due to his ability to change the makeup of his body. He then explains that it is the deed of the Olnine Hime to kill Shikabane to gain entry into heaven.

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She is assisted in this task by Keisei Tagami, her contracted priest and former friend. Makina, still succumbing to her bond with Keisei, breaks out of the cave and escapes past Rika’s reach. Blackhas been announced and began airing in Japan ama January Ena, one who is obsessed with beauty, is finally shot by Makina.

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