Project Kids, 4Kids, and Aa! Rima asks Amu to call her by her first name, and vice versa. Amu begins to panic as the trip turns into a date with Tadase but she eventually calms down. At the shop, Amu meets Kotone, who has a crush on Ikuto and aspires to be a violin artisan. Amu accompanies Yaya to the guardian’s ballet class. Kukai tells the Guardians that the class found it on their own, because they could not leave Yaya alone. That evening, Mifuyu is about to compete in the preliminaries for a snowboarding competition. A compilation film of the same name was released in

Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime This the list for all of our subbed anime series. She is represented by the agency Sigma Seven. Retrieved April 8, After the performance, Takuya talks about an imaginary friend named Zero, who turns out to be his Guardian Character. However, Amu is able to give an extremely short improv speech on friendship and wins the contest. The class gets excited over a transfer student, Rima Mashiro. Member feedback about Diamond disambiguation:

Amu is first paired with Rima and the two eventually find an X Egg. She works at Merak Film, Studio P. Television commercials Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Ended in in Japan Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Television channels and stations anie in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

However, Nikaidou gave up his dream when his mentor retired due to his wife’s illness and Nikaidou’s Guardian Egg was broken. Yaya convinces the Guardians to hold a special meeting at her house. Saeki can see the Guardian Characters and is at first frightened by them. While the Chada celebrate the news, Easters sets plans in motion to trap Amu and capture the Embryo.


The next day, Amu and the Guardians search for Su. The first compilation was released on February 20, with the sixteenth compilation released on May 20, Doki—immediately followed the first series.

She married voice actor Yoshimitsu Shimoyama in and had a son inbut her husband’s identity was not disclosed until Her career as a musician began with her performance of the opening and ending themes of the anime series K-On!

Her audition tape was aired on Morning Musume’s variety show Hello! Pearl protects Ramira’s egg to keep from turning into an X Character and explains to Shuraiya that his father cares for him deeply.

After a struggle, Ran and Miki are freed, but Su is still with Nikaidou. Shuraiya informs the Guardians that the real reason he came to Seiyo Elementary was to find the Embryo.

True Self is the first single by the Hello!

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Shuraiya is searching for the Embryo because he despises his father and wants to succeed at something his father failed. Member feedback about List of animated television series of Battle Bedaman” Battle B-Daman: The next day, the Guardians announce Amu as their new member, the Joker.

Amu and Rima transform and purify the X Characters and Ramira.

Amu begins to panic as the trip turns into a date with Tadase but she eventually calms down. Schoolgirl [6] —05 Girls Bravo Various characters [6] Gankutsuou: Yukari asks Amu to be Utau’s manager for the day because Yukari is sick.

This list does not include games released on DSiWare.

With the help of Nadeshiko and Yaya, Amu searches the bazaar for the magazine and eventually finds it. Archived from the original on April 9, Staff and Cast ” in Japanese. Nikaidou’s Guardian Egg reappears dhia his Guardian Character hatches.


During a meeting, Kairi stares at Chiia and the other Guardians believe he is in love with her. Amu then goes to Nadeshiko’s home where she encounters a boy named Nagihiko, who claims he is Nadeshiko’s older twin brother.

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Ikuto interrupts the two and attempts to steal the last egg. Saeki drives like a anine and eventually finds Nikaidou. Misaki suggests that the two should team up to have a better chance for Tadase, but also reminds Amu that she was “safe” since Tadase has dhugo rejected her. Archived from the original on November 5, The next day, the Guardians arrive at the house and begin their investigation, but Amu is frightened out of her wits.

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At the match, Yamada sneaks away while feeling that he cannot match Kukai’s abilities. The estimated average circulation of Nakayoshi at this time was 1, While Ikuto plays, Chis sings until one of the violin’s strings breaks.

Rima receives a call from Amu and overhears the fight. The Guardians decide to investigate a house that is alleged to be haunted.

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Shugo chara anime what episode epiwode the most romantic? Amu takes her little sister, Ami, with her to a guardian meeting. Nadeshiko invites Amu to a sleep over so that the two can get to know each other better.

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