Another day, another noona romance! April 27, at The ending was sadly predictable but it was still cute to see Tae In as a teacher. Also a young girl is trying to kill herself and Bo Ri is the only one who thinks of going up to the roof to help her??? Loneliness was the reason she committed suicide, and even now, even in her death, she remains lonely. Bahaha, I did go through a very intense Matsujun phase…. Edit this Page Edit Information.

Geonbbang Seonsaeng-gwa Byeolsatang ; lit. But if Bo Ri is not exactly a trickster, then the show itself is. It is his stepmother who intervenes. Top Actors Add New Person. You are commenting using your Facebook account. At least, I think they do. So corporal punishment and the pretty severe kind, if his classmates can see the lingering effects of it on his person is a norm in the relationship between him and his father.

Geonbbang Seonsaeng-gwa Byeolsatang ; lit. She creates it everywhere she goes. The classic tricksters are Coyote and Brer Rabbit and Anansi, figures considered fools by their peers, but who outwit those with more power than them so that they can get what they want.

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It extends to the teachers, too. Sorry, your blog cannot episoee posts by email. And they proceed to kick ass. But in actuality he really fears his dad. Hyeon-Woo finally showed some emotion in this episode when he punches Tai In dram has a break down during Bo Ri’s interview but it’s a little to late to show that you actually care now isn’t it? What emotion is there closer to humiliation than shame? He gets a black eye and a cut above the other with blood pouring from it.

Your thoughtful commentary might just inspire me to give it another shot, though. April 27, at 9: Their loneliness is compounded by their waiting. Biscuit Teacher Star Candy is about creating community, about coming together and undoing the rents wrought by family violence, teacher ignorance, and general adult incompetence.


Just because it is the end of the show and the writers wanted to tie everything up in a neat little bow they are softening Yoon Ah’s character?!!!

The real solution to loneliness, then, is not to cling to someone else, like Jem Ma, or commit suicide, or act out, like Tae In, but to find community. Na Bo-ri Gong Hyo-jin is a year-old woman who desperately wants to be a teacher at the high school she was kicked out of due to a misunderstanding with her teachers over injuring a group of male classmates she had been a legend there for being a troublemaker and getting into fights.

It leaves us, the audience, to wonder, who is telling this story? Unattainable because he was her teacher, but also because she thought herself unworthy of him. Fill in sinopis details below or click an icon to log in: After all, Bo Ri herself has a pretty wild imagination, episofe herself as a superhero-cum-teacher who can anticipate all the tricks her rowdy students might play on her. I mean, the man wants to institutionalize his son, despite the fact that Tae In is in no way psychologically ill.

Biscuit Teacher Star Candy: And just in time for his return to dramastoo. At least, I think they do. Also a young girl is trying to kill herself and Bo Ri is the only one who thinks of going up to the roof to help her??? You are commenting using your WordPress. The way I saw it, Will and I both had backup now. Tae In is scared, his eyes are wide and earnest and flit back and forth as they fill with tears, he fidgets while on his knees, and his voice shakes as he apologizes and gives in to every demand his father has ever made: The one solution she thought of to deliver her from it only plunged her deeper into it.


Why does he try to help Tae In now? Edit this Page Edit Information.

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As his relationship with his teacher takes a turn for the worse, Tae-in gradually becomes attracted to her through a series of complicated events. September 12, at In episode 4, when Tae In goes home to apologize, his father immediately grabs a golf club— a golf club —to beat him up with.

It is his stepmother who intervenes. Did that dude just poop his pants? Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Win a Japanese Snack box today! We are shown what really happened, which was them scrambling in like a tecaher of neighborhood ajhummas and cowering over Tae In until the police came.

Hello My Teacher Hangul: And what better than a bit of Gong Yoo bad boy cuteness to compliment some foxy adorableness?

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And I gotta say I love her and Tae In causing trouble together. You need more than that. April 26, at Loneliness is another dark theme in the show.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But if Bo Ri is not exactly a trickster, then the show itself is. After overcoming numerous hardships and getting her high-school equivalency certification, she rejects job offers from other high schools and works on becoming a substitute teacher at her old high school so she can work side by side with her longtime high school crush, the art teacher Ji Hyun-woo Kim Da-hyun.

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