Thanks very much for the recaps, Kaedejun! So the missing link can only be her. I could be wrong, but I thought the referece to “Candy” was to the Japanese Anime character? Like our little band of friends who practically disappeared after they succeeded in bringing our main couple together. How it questioned and invited us all to ponder on social disparities and what loving someone truly means. To him, he feels like his revenge against his father failed because he wanted to do everything on his own.

Thank you for the awesome review. What I wear counts just as much as my competence and sense of style. There were a lot of lighthearted moments in this drama that made it very addictive, and then there were the predictable moments that were standard in a Korean drama. I just want to add, as a particular bit comes to mind from episode six, towards the end when she called Seungjo and she told him the first obstacle was love, looking back at Seungjo then, I felt her dilemma, and fear also that she knows what is about to do to Sec Kim that time He is much older than Moon. I LOVE this series to pieces. Seung-jo is really interesting because he’s obviously the Mad Hatter.

Instead, he sends flowers to the funeral house vheongdamdong express his sorrow for his mother. I actually did some manic for me screen-capping and character analysis on my blog. Not know that Cha Seung-jo is actually the president of Artemis, they have an argument again and she goes away unhappily. Watching it just episoce face value, it’s easy to understand that most will find it flawed and dissatisfying. Honesty is the best policy.

In the end Han Se won again, just like that drawing competition in the past, because she was more teralhir. Am I not mistaken that the writers where the one who wrote deep rooted trees. I really was baffled by this show and the ending left me really empty.

Perhaps he can recommend her humble boutique and designs to someone. I will miss this couple. Yes Cheongdamdony thought some people were a bit harsh it’s not the worst K drama ever to justify such bashing.

Time to grow up. Besides I hate it how Yoon Joo got thrown away based on some shady video which didn’t really tell much about her.


You’ll see she’s a great actress! Cha Seung-jo goes to Seo Yoon-joo’s house because her husband has a dinner appointment with the president of Artemis. He decides he is going to ask Han Se-kyung out the following day.

I agree with Saturtledaisy.

[sinopsis] Cheongdam-dong Alice () | a little book of my life story..

My take on all the philosophicalness is it was just layers of contradicting one liners that added up to gibberjab. Perhaps she can help. Oh well, thank goodness it’s over. She only came because she missed him terribly. What I wear sinipsis just as much as my competence and sense of style.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong Favorite. I guess if Yoon Joo had realized earlier what kind of life she was really living and had started thinking several episodes earlier, this would give an opportunity to show her change with more detail and feeling. At least with Seung Jo and Min Hyuk we got to see how 2 very different personalities dealt with knowing a gold digger.

For me it was a welcome change from far rilm many other dramas where the heroine spends half her time over-acting, crying and screaming.

Seung-jo is really interesting because he’s obviously the Mad Hatter. Seeing the saddened Cha Seung-jo terakhig, Han Se-kyung encourages him by giving him a high-five. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. PSH did lead the kiss and you can see that he tried to give her a good kiss but MGY’s body was so stiff and she did not kiss him back at all, that’s why the kiss looked so awkward.

And isn’t that why we watch things such as dramas or read books?

Colors January 30, at 1: Han Se-kyung answers that the one to the President is hand made by her. A completely different actress was needed for the lead and the ending would have been so much stronger if they had focused on PSH and the fantasy episodd story he creates with this beautiful yet able to love girl he has found.

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The production budget should stretch enough to allow your lead actors to not look like they’re one step away from becoming human popsicles. I agree with you on Moon Geun-young – I got the feeling that her acting was “under the top” purposly to offset the wild swings of Cha. So if it wasn’t for the early white rabbit reference and the actual presence of the book to introduce the original ending at the end of the very end of the show, it’d have been completely wasted.


But what he does not know is that Han Se-kyung has left the party because of her shock of the news.

The title is a word play on Alice in Wonderlandreferring to the heroine’s fish-out-of-water status in said neighborhood, as she navigates the strange new world of designer clothes, gossip and consumerism, and learns the meaning of real love and happiness. Se-kyung pulls away first — does he believe in her? Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Some aspects of it may be realistic but it sure ain’t uplifting in the message in the end. The fabulous things are there because someone dreamed terkahir first.

Why didn’t he do that? I understood heroine’s struggles and she became way more agreeable to watch.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis Drama Cheongdamdong Alice [Bahasa Indonesia]

I read about it in Park Shi ho fanpage web. The anger is back. Only then can sniopsis prove that she really loved him and not the money. It was badly written and directed.

So the missing link can only be her. Han Se didn’t even do anything that shocking to get that teakhir digger reputation yet everyone was blaming her and making a huge fuss over it. I had wondered if Yoon-joo would try and prove herself to her husband, but yay for independence. So may many juicy bits to gain from this drama that I wish I could mention them all and I’m sure there are more yet to be discovered. Sadly, aoice drama did not live up to my initial expectations, but worth the watch for Yoon-Joo alone.

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