Then we could finally have a Hang-woo vs Bang battle, in all of its corporate glory. After 21 episodes of crazy ride, the finale is so tame! Yes, he did get off easy and that’s unfair. I will crash into the Woo couple’s wedding instead. Words cannot express the joy I felt while watching this amazing cast and drama itself. I loved your recaps so much that I’d wait to read them even after watching the episode. I do love drunk Woo-hee, though. Lee Joon Supporting Cast.

This is what History of a Salaryman does to me. They take the time to develop characters in an organic and wholesome way. His help for Bang is just following Woohee’s wish, but does he finally know that revenge does not get you anywhere? Are they ever going to kiss? A complicated guy with abs is deffinitely more, isn’t it? I was really sad when this ended: OK, that enough rambling from my side, I realized I hit a low with those LoftheR references, so I shall just thank you for your patience and end it here. However, my major gripe is that I find it difficult to believe Hang-Woo as smart as he is would fall for Mo Gabi’s lie.

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Legal High ep 8 eng Subtitle Available. Hang Woo did a lot of bad things but it seems he got away with itand no real remorse. For the good news, Woo-hee is alive and being cared for by some kind nuns.

He takes the footage to Moon-soo, where they can see Woo-hee right after her initial car accident but not what happened to her after. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!


History of the Salaryman: Episode 22 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I have been waiting for the episode to come for long time. Because they were holding on to something. That pain of healing a hardened heart, as difficult as getting blood from a stone.

Unless he was blinded by his love for his brother, that he thought this would be one last thing to do to honor his memory. I wonder if you were influenced by ‘puppy’: I am much obliged for your thoughts too.

History of Salaryman 1-22 (Final)

Yes he was sorry Woo Hee suffered. He redeemed himself, by not becoming engulfed in what he had become. As long as it doesn’t cover youth dramas, first kisses and first obsessions of the main lead have since age 4 and not yet got over it.

He sees Woo-hee passed out on her table, knowing that she followed him into the bar. Why did he ridicule Yeo Chi’s Korean spelling when he was partly raised and lived in the US and was adopted there?

Yet, I didn’t give up on him either because of those flecks of love I found in him. One could make an argument that everyone in this show is a corporate tool one way or the other, but you know what kind of tool I mean.

Selreorimaen Chohanji ; lit. Is it a little creepy that Hang-woo is watching her do this through her window?

They’re like mini tablets!


First of all, thank you HeadsNo2 for your fast recaps histlry this wonderful drama! For all that Salaryman was witty, and dark, and farcical, I never fell completely in love. Seriously, this scene was excellent. Ivoire March 14, at 7: Lee Beom Soo Main Cast.

The epilogues this week was epic. My pity was to the actual victim such as Woo Hee.

That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. Spoiled rich girl Yeo-chi is undergoing training because her grandfather wants her to inherit Chunha one day, though salqryman herself is completely uninterested. It also answers why he could not understand that as you say, “Its analogous to his situation but he continues to help keep Mo Gabi in power.

Yes, Hang Woo got away with everything. Outside the courtroom, Hang-woo wheels Woo-hee?

And that would have been a perfectly rich conflict to explore, if we had kept the story just a little more focused on our four perfectly good leads. Hang-woo wants to revel in the moment, though Bang assures him that the real criminal will be found by the law soon enough. It szlaryman what happens when you follow this path to its end destination.

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