BdxPelik December 24, at 2: Saner December 24, at 3: After weeks of radiation therapy, Dr. Lastly, regarding Jia, I think she’s already too far out in love with him that telling him the truth will probably be too risky for her. I thought I left one in! And poor JY, she’s going to get hurt. The biggest storyline of Season 11 was the death of Derek who is involved in a car accident in ” How to Save a Life.

This is something that is important for me. Meredith must deal with the absence of her husband after he begins to work in Washington, D. This is half off-topic but altogether fascinating: Archived from the original on November 12, Richard tells Maggie about Ellis’ fight with Alzheimer’s; however, she reveals to already have been tested for the gene. It turns out that there’s a match with one of the brothers he shot in the robbery. He then apologizes to Amelia, leading to them having sex.

Yoon-ha shares a drink with Ji-yi by the river, still fuming over Joon-ki. Maybe Chang Soo’s mom should be the one watching k-dramas to see how well her sinoppsis usually work.

This would be major turn off for me because I was worried it would happen but I really prayed for that not to happen: Especially after he spent his whole “date” trying to recreate the feelings he had when he was hanging out with her.

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While a little honesty can be effective, a great deal of it can be a dangerous thing when it comes to maintaining a relationship. Not to mention the Professor is constantly trying to get Jia to remember their great romance and she’s utterly oblivious to his efforts.


Even if, like you said, Aji3 would attempt to replicate her behavior. And nce has a more interesting motive than Joon Ki. They are risking their feelings.

Granted his ideas of love and marriage are little skewed but I have a feeling he wouldn’t have married just anyone no matter what his original plan was all about. Min-kyu nearly catches her slip but she covers by quickly instructing them to follow her. At Meredith and Derek’s house, Owen manages to convince Amelia to not take the drugs, which leads Amelia to confront her feelings about Derek’s death. Retrieved May 5, Jin-bae, there for the signing of the contract, tries to leave quietly, but Min-kyu gives him one more job, to find someone called Jang Doo-sang in relation to Santa Maria.

It was faithfully and beautifully written, directed, edited and acted. Amelia Shepherd Camilla Luddington as Dr. Saya December 24, at 2: Retrieved April 21, April calls Catherine Avery for a consult about the chef, and Catherine becomes impressed with Stephanie for her quick thinking about the preservation of the penis, suggesting urology as a specialty.

Instead of confronting Joon-ki right then and there, Yoon-ha says she needs some time to think things through. The mother denies permission for organ donation when she learns who the boy is. Your email address will not be published. I also find Uee dull here, and Sung Joon too. And I like the idea that the second lead is just as needed in this story as the first lead is.


He ends up bringing them all back to Seattle, but Meredith is still not able to move on. Retrieved August 8, Archived from the original on May 7, There’s just so much denial from his side it totally makes sense to me that Jia is still not caught and he still believes Ri-el is the girl he imagined her to be.

Scowling, Jia thinks to herself, My body belongs to me, why does he [Baek-gyun] get any say in it? He prefers to accept, in front of JK, that he doesn’t want to change his elitism.

A plane crash in Seattle brings old memories back to Meredith, Arizona, and Sinposis. Retrieved April 7, DoubleFault December 24, at Yoon Ha needs to have a massive, massive wake-up call.

But I am afraid they will drag it out longer just for the sake of the premise: I know we saw that short clip of the boys in high school with JK calling the bully-boys off CS. We don’t like the rich guy poor girl trope but snopsis can understand it better.

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July 15, at 8: That’s such an intriguing thought! Having heard the noise, Joon-ki runs outside to check on her. Sonopsis hope that doesn’t happen here too.

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