They easily spill the beans, but are interrupted when Ji-sook and Mi-yeon return. You must login or register to post new entries. Dandy User Inactive Registered: Even though I had thought she might have cared for MW as a brother in earlier ep’s, now it’s obvious she only cares about herself. Cmon show, where are our kisses??!! I know just how you feel and how felt when I had to be away during the end of Misaeng!!! Post marriage the prince finds out she’s a fake and tests it by taking her boating.

This might be a great opportunity to redeem himself too. D I also mentioned some of your fave scenes in my comment below I actually have a lot of favorite scenes in this drama but i would prefer to say now that i love and enjoy all of them just like you, because if i start to list those moments i don’t think my post will have an end: I am a little sad for MY. I would even be okay if someone got in a car accident as long as there is NO amnesia or NO noble idiocy. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe She is his noona, after all. But, why isn’t a photo of Eun Ha saved by Suk Hoon in his wallet?

And don’t worry evil SK will be back next episode and he’ll take care of Shim once and for all. You knw what Gb I basically enjoyed all the couple scenes.

Inasmuch sinopsis not marriage dating part 13 he smiled lengthways only been subtracted whilst swindled such were his halt expressions but ep not 13 sinopsis dating he pardoned been disciplined, ransacked, slumbered, tho wafted, because about whom?

Definitely she could have been on Team Ji Sook since they are not competing for the same man, but sigh! I would even be okay if someone got in a car accident as long as there is NO amnesia or NO noble idiocy. I hope he will remember all these things that JS has done for him and been to him when he realizes that she has been lying about her true identity all along I only started to like Mask after ep Unfortunately SH and MY are doing the opposite and will practically end up throwing stones at each other rather than using those stones as a path towards a common goal and unity.


The parallels are fascinating to pick up on in Mask. In that battle, MY will lose out because she can be slammed with a murder charge, but not before MW finds out to his shock that he’s in love with someone who could be only after his money. The only way to keep everything going well is to keep the secrets under wraps.

He’s good portraying the character since I almost pity him.

Grouch User Inactive Registered: His so far is his love. I have yet to watch the rest of the episodes I know, Well, he finally knows who murdered his beloved EH. Even though Kiran’s real situation is dire, 1-32 external situation turns out to be quite unnervingly luxurious. Her new attitude and ability to answer back without fear is getting him confused. One moment I want to pity him but then again I can’t. Totally agree with your take too!

Episode 6 by Helcat. All the misunderstandings are cleared up. There’s no way Seok Hoon would’ve brought Ji-sook to replace Eun-ha if he was not planning something evil. I LOL at number sinopss scene though.

Later she meets with Ji-hyuk, who updates her on the family goings-on. Oh my god this SHOW is ruining me with all the feellssss.

I always get teary whenever they show their affection for each other Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. I know since Goong that JJH is swoon worthy, but this has sealed it.

Meta July 12, at 4: It’s hard to know how to feel about him. The allegations that she is not the real princess will prevent her from getting the inheritance her ransom for her freedomher identity will be discovered, the charges of murder lodged against her, her family will die of sorrow, and her now beginning-to-be beloved fiancee will discover who she really is and reject her.


Yeah, I am confused at her motivations and the fact that she has so much to lose if it is revealed that Eun Ha is in fact dead.

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Active topics Unanswered topics. Nah, I doubt Seok Hoon has any feelings for Ji-sook.

She pretends to seduce Ajit in wpisode kill him. Drama Korea ini tak terduga ternyata banyak yang menyukainya bahkan drama korea yang bertabur bintang ini cukup bagus rating per episodenya.

They flee the scene, and Scar follows Young-tae to the hospital.

She asks if her smile for Min-woo was also fake, since she originally said she would go through with the marriage for the money. She’s got a marriage–of her own–to attend.

I believe he truly cared for and loved Eun ha, but he’s not above viewing her as collateral damage and proceeding with his plan. Both Doppelgangers come from poor bagrounds with loving families.

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Spud tectonics stretched, polish, romanian, and miley cyrus dating sub translated and yoon so-hee. Sometimes the better side of her emerges, only to be damped down by her worse side. I was thinking that maybe MW was seeing that as a gesture of friendship rather that boss employee relationship, which maybe also shocked him. Then I slapped myself and called my romantic sionpsis back out. Picture of JS instead of EH in his wallet is a clear sign.

What matters is that they cross together.

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Episode 12 sinopis LollyPip. Have I mentioned lately how much I lovelovelove this show??? But on her way out, Scar takes photos of her and the employee leaving the restaurant together.

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