But she just leaves. First we’re shown Ji Sang’s method of tracking them down. I’ve never see the like before east of Norway. Anyway, finish Faith, then watch this. Yi is supposed to be a Korean general, so why is he playing furry dress-up in the woods? P the ability to still see visions when she doesn’t deserve it?

Retrieved 21 January Thanks for the recap! He’s up against a real smart and evil competitor. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. But it turns out the corpse has just moved from natural causes caused by the earth. Later he returned to Goryeo and became a General.

To both of their surprise, the body is gone!

DramaTalk: Mini-recap : The Great Seer Episode

As I said, the latter stuff about fight for the throne is just too complicated. Episode 7 Episode 7. Knife throwing totally makes sense. Peridot October 15, at 1: Jung Geun and his crew fall for it, and Lee Sung Gye thinks they have them this epiwode The God’s are being a bit unfair here. He does it all the time!

The Great Seer Episode 30 Synopsis – The Daily Kpop

That’s what Lee In Im wonders as well and shrugs her concerns off. Shackled together, they row down the river to safety. HeadsNo2 is recapping this. Siopsis In is travelling around with the injured right-hand man looking for a place that will accept them. So she was just acting all along to wait for the right moment!

I watch episode 1 x2 before I realized from the dailies to the editing They’re good at all the ‘plots’ and ‘action’ and that’s what is keeping this drama going. What we’re watching by DB Staff.


The Great Seer

Msb October 15, at 2: I watched them out of boringness and for now I don’t regret. Ann October 15, at 9: Earlier, it looked like she was studying with the shamans, since she tried to give Dong-ryoon the ring to take with him; 10 years later she’s sitting at court when Gongmin orders she be killed for insulting Ambassador Yuan.

The girl we first saw at Seowoongwan, Young-ji, finally stands up for her king and calls the emissary out on his disrespect. HeadsNo2, thank you so much for recapping The Great Seer.

Ji Jin-hee is awesomely sexy. I’ve been trying to watch Full House Take 2, but it just doesn’t even fit in the so bad it’s good category for me.

Your email address will not be published. Poor Hae In is just utterly lost right now. How can it move? They grewt at Lee Sung Gye’s future in-laws place yay! Episode 12 Episode How far will our heroes go to reclaim the throne from the corrupt Lee In Im?

Excited, because we’re nearing the actual part of the plot where Lee Sung Gye overthrows Goryeo to make way for his Joseon. By using this site, gteat agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV.

Took us 22 episodes, but we’re nearly there, at least. P IF anyone haven’t seen it yet, should give a try.

Lee Sung Gye must change his thinking now. The crew arrive at the Ming border, but it seems like they’re not too welcome I hope this drama gets the attention it deserves cuz its pretty awesome and we get to see more continuing from Faith! Brrrrr, it must have been reeeeal cold in that room because all I could concentrate on where the billowing pillars of cold air Jung Geun and Hyo Myung were breathing out.


This show is definitely exciting, but I do think that some of the transitions between scenes at least scenes that are supposed to effect us emotionally would be a bit slower. Episode 23 Episode The Assassination of Gianni Versace: They can escape barely Lee In Im’s plan, but it’ll have to come with a little sacrifice. I have to admit that with the Great Seer it is warring with Faith. The arrows positioned, but a hand shoots out to stop it.

Aw, they could’ve at least of had a heater in that room. Please enter your username or email address. You ruin her life.

Thanks for telling me the evil shaman’s name is Soo Ryun Gae. Crazy warpaint and headdress notwithstanding. Kiara October 15, at 9: I’m liking Dong-ryoon too. He has to put on a brave and humble face as he placates him, teh though all the man does is cut Gongmin down.

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