A method for manufacturing an optical diffuser element cormprising: Dow Chemical East Africa Limited The optical elements , , and may also include an antistatic coating or conductive polymers to prevent dirt attraction. Dow Europe Holding B. The method of claim 1 wherein the linear domains of varying diffusion comprise a layer of a matrix polymer and organic or inorganic light scattering particles wherein the layer is tapered such that the thickness at a center of a cross section of the linear domain is thicker than that at an edge of the linear domain. As described, the optical elements , , and comprise microstructures on one or both surfaces. In the case of a polyester film comprising a crystalline polyester, like polyethylene-terphthalate PET , after the film has been stretched and an optical diffuser film formed, it is heat set.

A description of the measuring equipment follows: Cromarty Petroleum Company Limited 1. Dow AgroSciences Paraguay S. DC Partnership Management Inc. Rohm and Haas Canada Investments Inc. The outer extrusion coated layers on the substrate do comprise light scattering particles forming continuous layers of uniform diffusion.

DC Galaxy Holding C.

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Dow Chemical International Pvt. Dow Chemical Romania S. Zhejiang Pacific Chemical Corporation.

The process utilizes a standard 2 or 3 layer multi-manifold die. Click for automatic bibliography generation.


Polyester Films

PT Dow Indonesia Most preferably, they are between 1 and 6 xisplay. Dow Chemical Telecommunications Corp. These continuous layers of uniform diffusion of optical elements and can also comprise light scattering or diffusion particles with a refractive index different from that of the continuous phase matrix polymer. Light guide plate, method of manufacturing light guide plate and backlight with the light guide plate.

Skc Haas Display Films (Usa) Llc

Other optical films can be added to the arrangement of light management layers above the diffuser plate Rohm and Haas Canada Dis;lay Inc. Dow Quimica Mexicana S. Haltermann Pension Trustees Limited. The outside manifold with the shim having the 0. This backlight system with the films as described by the present invention is therefore much thinner than a conventional direct lit backlight.

Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation. Micro-optical element having curved surface and light guide and lighting assembly including same. The method of claim 3 further comprising heat setting the combined layer, the lllc layer having shrinkage of less than 1.

Didplay voiding increases the degree of light scattering as the index of refraction of the gas in the void is much lower than the matrix polymer. The resulting mixture is then fed to the film forming extruder.


These optical brighteners can be added to the film during the resin blending process and can be added via master batch pellets at the appropriate ratio. When located immediately above linear light sources, CCFLs for example, these films enable the typical haas management layers used in a direct lit LCD backlight to be located much closer to the light sources.

These other optical films may include a prismatic light directing film, a collimating diffuser film, or a reflective polarizer film. Dow International Financial Services.

The hopper slot is then fed by the manifold. Battleground Water Company The optical performance of the soc was rated for on-axis luminance and luminance variability with the CCFLs set at maximum output.

Daulat Canada Holding LP Transreflectors, transreflector systems and displays and methods of making transreflectors. Dow Chemical China Holdings Pte.

Low-Permeation Flexible Fuel Hose. The Dow Chemical Company. Patterned volume diffuser elements.

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