You are literally too stupid to insult. Maybe Doug’s back there. Beautiful ass, no fucking brain. We need this marriage annulled. Not so good now. She scour my statements. Counting cards is a foolproof system.

It’s out of control. When they take a little tiger snooze? Whoa, I’m a schoolteacher , I got a family, okay? Phil, where the hell are you guys? That was twice , and I was out of line. I’m a huge fan. You just pour kerosene over a ferret, light it on both ends, put it in.

He was a bartender on a cruise ship. You guys are retardedyou know that?

Finally, Phil says something that makes sense. Quid pro quo, douche bag. We almost just died.

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Bring my friends some tea, some baklavahuh? You onlien, I don’t need to go to Vegas. If we’re share beds, I’m bunk with Phil. She scour my statements.

We need this marriage annul. Because we obviously had a great fucking time. Pay now, or forever regret missing out on the experience of a lifetime, guys. I’m not even gonna say anything, it’s so embarrassing. Then I vote we smogret the cop car and all this shit with it. The suite is– It’s ridiculous. Who wants to be my spotter? They also find a chicken, a tiger, a random baby, a missing tooth, and a parking stub.


That was twiceand I was out of line.

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We are gather here today I was alone first in the pack, and then Doug joined in later. And did Stu get married to a stripper? We are definitely not supposed to be up here. Oh, so you can’t go to Vegas but she can fuck a bellhop on a Carnival Cruise Line?

My morn won’t give me the money. You just pour kerosene over a ferret, light it on both ends, put it in.


Alan, Stu, and Phil all wake up in a luxury villa at Caesar’s Palace – to find Doug, the guest of honor – missing. Besides, smoyret not just my wife’s brother, you’re my brother now.

When they take a little tiger snooze? Yeah, we’re stuck in traffic in a stolen police car We need this marriage annulled. Well, apparently you guys met at a craps table late last night.


Мальчишник в Вегасе (The Hangover)

Phil, Melissa is like a forensic accountant, okay? She’s a nice lady. I am so screw. I’m a huge fan. Just whack out of his mind. Counting cards is a foolproof system. Why haven’t you returned my calls?

It should be pretty mellow. You look good, you got some color. What’s going on, you fucking crazy motherfucker? Either way, you gotta be super smart to count cards, buddy, okay?

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