As Tom and Vince pursue the killer’s vehicle, the vehicles collide and both roll down an embankment. The Tulip and his wife Jill Peet spring into action. Emily is kidnapped from her apartment just as Tom finds the body of another female victim, a police dispatcher he knows, outside his boathouse. Just as Danny arrives, someone from behind knocks Tom unconscious. Tom believes the killer is another cop and goes on the record with his allegations. Nick Detillo Tom Sizemore

Search for ” Striking Distance ” on Amazon. If he’s a non-smoker in real life, he should have won an Oscar for this role. Getting back to the cast, most of them are interchangeable with other actors. Films directed by Rowdy Herrington. Retrieved from ” https: Thomas Hardy, a Pittsburgh Police homicide detective, has broken the ranks by informing on his partner and cousin, Jimmy Detillo, for using excessive force. The theatrical trailer shows a lot of deleted, extended and alternate scenes, probably ones that were cut or changed after bad test screenings of the original cut. Demoted then to river duty, the killer taunts Tom.

If he’s a non-smoker in real life, he should have won an Oscar for this role. In the process, he offers Tom to punch him in the face, which Tom briefly declines and after a second of reluctance, he punches Eiler in the face. Divers retrieve the body only to find it to be merely a bunch of rugs, which leads to Tom and Jo being humiliated by their peers.

In a fit of rage, Danny charges at Jimmy, giving Tom a chance to free himself. Two detectives interrogated a hairdresser on two homicides she may or may not have been involved in.

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Jimmy the Tulip’s Willis quiet new life is shaken up by his old smrtonosha Oz Perrywhose wife Henstridge has been kidnapped by a Hungarian mob. Bruce Willis Top 30 Movies. Tom destroys the suspect’s car but the unidentified individual escapes. Tom is assigned a new partner, Jo Christman, who learns from District Attorney Frank Morris that Tom had been demoted after telling a television reporter that he believed the Polish Hill Strangler was a policeman.


Demoted to river patrol after suggesting to the press the killer may be a police officer, he initiates an unauthorized investigation with his new partner Sarah Jessica Parker.

Demoted then to river duty, the killer taunts Tom. Striking Distance Theatrical release poster.

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A private detective’s protected female witness is murdered, prompting him and the victim’s boyfriend to investigate the crime that leads to razdaljlna corrupt politician and a crooked football team owner.

Fred Hardy Mike Hodge Trivia An extract from the information on the back of the home video case: Yes No Report this. Tom is met with strong opposition by his uncle, Captain Nick Detillo, after suggesting the Strangler is back. A color-blind psychiatrist Bill Capa is stalked by an unknown killer after taking over his murdered friend’s therapy group, all of whom have a connection to a mysterious young woman that Capa begins having intense sexual encounters with.

The film was shot on location throughout Pittsburgh ; its radaljina title was Three Rivers.

Striking Distance

Nick tried to stop him and, in the ensuing struggle, accidentally killed Vince. Although his interference in the script and huge ego during filming caused problems with the raadaljina and the original cut, Willis was still very angry because he had to return for re-shoots, so much so that he blamed Herrington for it, despite the fact that Herrington defended Willis in interviews regarding problems with the film.

Tom and Jo then join the Hardys who represent a large portion of the smrgonosna present. Tom goes to the precinct and steals the Strangler file in order to conduct an unauthorized investigation.


Use the HTML below. Police arrest a criminal named Douglas Kesser as the Strangler. Called to the scene of a body dump, Tom finds the victim is an ex-girlfriend.

Last Man Standing Tom Hardy Bruce Willis is a maverick cop in pursuit of a sadistic serial killer.

But after the original cut was shown to test audiences who hated it, extensive re-shooting was done in Los Angeles, with story changes and removal of some plot points.

After this revelation, Jimmy takes aim at Nick, who shoots first. We were working with Orson Willis.

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A struggling dentist’s life is turned upside down when a famous gangster moves in next door, razdaljjna his wife convinces him to inform a notorious mob boss about the gangster’s whereabouts. Shadowy elements in the NSA target a nine-year old autistic savant for death when he is able to decipher a top secret code.

Views Read Edit View history. Films directed by Rowdy Herrington. During a court hearing to have Tom removed from the force, it is revealed Jo is really Emily Harper of the Pennsylvania State Police skrtonosna, who has been monitoring Tom to find evidence of misconduct. The next night on patrol, Tom and Jo stumble upon the scene of someone dumping what appears to be a wrapped body off a bridge.

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