By gm4queen Started November 1, A true romantic comedy, this drama had me at the first episode. When a crime brings the two of them together, they must use their individual talents as well as learn from the other to solve the mystery. I also really like Sean Lee since watching him on Pleasantly Surprised. Sign In Sign Up. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.

Check out episode 1 right here! I suppose that flower hair pin belongs to YN.. Leroy Yang and Lin Yo Wei play university buddies two-timed by the same girl. And Zi Feng became her sworn brother. Hurm, is this the reason he said she sucks? Posted October 25,

They make the drama so cute hahha.

Posted December 25, By the time the nail-biting climax reaches its peak… just be warned that you might need to book a manicure, because the thrill is real! Community Forums Apps Viki.

Bii (singer)

Throughout life, Ya Nuo tries to keep her distance from people so that her secret will not be revealed. Fingers crossed that this will be good.

I suppose that flower hair pin belongs to YN. What would a drama be without competition for love?

By Maja Started June 21, Sign in Already have an account? MayL lols no prom it is mainly akinahana89 that started the thread lols Which onscreen couples would you like to see reunite in dramaland?

Posted October 21, When preppy Shen Xi Vivian Sung and brooding Zhi Zhou Tong Meng Shi swap souls during a near-fatal accident, the two wake up to find themselves in the body of the other. Copy and paste this if it doesn’t work: He really shines in this drama as he desperately competes with himself for the heart of the bromancr he loves. Already have an account?


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Watch Now Attention, Love! This Taiwanese drama is not your typical noona romance! Retrieved from ” https: When a crime brings the two of them together, they must use their individual talents as well as learn from the other to solve the mystery.

Go To Topic Listing Taiwan. It all amounts to disaster when the school bully, Jiang Zhi Shu Joe Chengreceives her letter instead and her family ends up moving in with his family, so they have to see each other more than just at school.

In the most recent Showbiz bts, he kissed Megan on the ear. While I still love Korean dramas, I find some aspects of Taiwanese dramas refreshing. Hurm, is this the reason he taiwzn she sucks?

8 Taiwanese Romance Dramas Every K-Drama Lover Should See

He says the military was a good experience and greatly helped improve his Mandarin. By suzziee Started Soojpi 8, Of course I would know that YN is a female.

Even though most of the story is similar, some of the situations taiwaj exaggerated or changed just enough that it remains comedic and enjoyable. By akinahana89December 24, in shippers’ paradise. However, the opportunity did not lead anywhere because his mother did not approve of him becoming a singer.

Both of them has crossed the line which cause us to “OMG” kkkkkk. But I’ll totally share fan meet information in English for anyone else who wants to do it if they’re in Taiwan or willing to go up to Taiwan.


The sister fell in love with her. Leroy Yang and Lin Yo Wei play university buddies two-timed by the same girl. This brilliantly binge-worthy Chinese drama is absolutely perfect for those looking for chilling mysteries with minimal romance.

Under a fortuneteller’s advice, Pi Ya Nuo has been taiwam as a man for 25 years and is looking forward to living as a woman. It Started With A Kiss.

Megan in another way, she allow Baron to kiss her freely, hug her freely The image consultant really did a good job for transforming Megan lai to such a swag character. Tell me in the comments below! Explore Latest Trending Popular Breaking.


To complicate matters, whenever one of the women tells a lie, the other personality takes over the body they both are residing in. He did not learn Standard Mandarin until he came to Taiwan. Views Read Edit View history. Oh yes I do! This production was tear-inducing, not least because the male lead Chris Wang chooses not to tell his pregnant wife Tiffany Hsu when he suffers from a relapse of cancer, instead confiding wholly in his buddy Alan Kuo.

I would be really awkard.

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