Will she ever see her mother again? They too try to gain entry to the City Hotel, but only Liam gets in, leaving Kat to initially fend for herself, before Sadiq caves in and allows her entry. Dora attempts to fix it but HoloDora messes with the Neuroscrambler’s coding, leaving it stuck on mind-wipe mode, meaning the only way to save the sensitives is to turn it off. Learn more More Like This. Fizzy 20 episodes, Gerran Howell Please try again later. First Appearance of Holly. She vows to find the Quantum Nexus first and destroy it to determine the adults never return.

Rowen doesn’t agree with the Sparticles idea’s, but if she’s to save her tribe, her entire village, she must find them and help them before The RayD inside her takes charge. The Sparticles regroup and Liam suggests the group should journey to the Quantum Nexus and attempt to bring the adults back again. The Epidemic by Fangrl The radiation levels are still rising. They now make a group called The Freedom 4. The ‘Sparticles’ tribe then split in two: Aris explains Kylie’s plan to burn out the minds of the Sensities using the comet including the baby. Talk to your kids about By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

However, they are soon locked out and Jordan has left the tribe to become a true public school believer.

Dora had set up a hologram version of herself called ‘HoloDora’, whom she believes to be Dora’s daughter and when the children are detected by ‘HoloDora’, she change to help them to bring back the dimension with the parents. First Appearance of Huen and guest appearance of Ernesto. There was a problem loading the comments at the moment.

The Sparticle Mystery – Season 2 – IMDb

He is then arrested by Callum for breaking one of the rules but soon freed to help the Sparticles. Kylie’s brother Erimon releases the Sparticles but is unable to recapture them, and the Sparticles joined by the sensitive Aris, Holly’s teen mother Kim and Ernesto embark on a mission to rid the world of the Teen Parents and send them home to the s. Holly and Serena offer the museum Fizzy’s protection in return for the decoder. Callum 17 episodes, Reese tries to hold the electricity in place on her own, despite Holly’s protest.


As Holly and Serena exit, Holly spots the sword and shows Serena it hadn’t dissolved in the acid bath.

The Sparticles chase the digger down the road but it gets stuck and Reese drops the Decoder. See All Buying Options. Reese is captured and the dims threaten to feed her to the lion if the Sparticles lose the fight. Edit Did You Mtstery Common Sense’s Impact Our impact report: Add Image S2, Ep6.

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Fizzy 20 episodes, Gerran Howell Meanwhile, Ernesto and Serena are attempting to earn Rat’s trust again by going through rather straining military exercises, Esries and Bryan make a breakthrough with finding the Sparticles and Dora finds out how to get Orion to connect with Reese. Amazon Business Service for business customers.

Soon an epidemic of a Radiation Prone disease begins. Orion explains the plan about the “special places” Reese spoke about to be several points called laylines across the country mirroring the Orion consolation where the sensitives are going to stand.

Arriving at the Quantum Nexus, the Sparticles are greeted by a holographic version of Doomsday Dora, who explains that they can identify the right dimension to bring their parents back, but Reese’s It’s been a year since the teen-aged parents were brought by Reece and the Quantum Nexis.


This is a great series I have really enjoyed it but am disappointed that series myatery is not on amazon yet.

Frankie, Reese and later Sadiq discover that Aris is a spy for Kylie, who is at the lighthouse setting up the Neuroscrambler. Due to the age of the actors there are large changes in the cast between series.

Frankie 35 episodes, Grace Mandeville The Treasure Hunt is coming together sparhicle the discovery of another vital clue sfries the race to the Quantum Nexus, but the return of Ernesto leads to questions — exactly whose side is the Rebel on? Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids.

The Sparticle Mystery

Series 2 has been extremely popular with over 2 million hits on BBC iPlayer to date. Aware of the ticking clock to get to the Project but desperate to put things right, the Questers undertake a dangerous mission as a solution. Though the Sparticle kids aren’t above the occasional squabble from time to time — these are kids, after all — overall they are a ragtag family who really look out for one another. Sadiq comforts her about the failed realignment.

The adults attempt to stop him, but he shuts down the project, saving Reese. Tia and Jeffrey don’t trust Callum after past encounters. There are some mystical elements with one of the younger children developing psychic powers.

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