Dessie’s marriage tutorial event will trigger after you give a going-steady ring AND if you have unlocked her! Wait until a sunny Saturday or Sunday when it is not a festival day, you have seen the yellow flower event and pink flower events or both pink flower events if you’re going out with Elise , you have a red flower color with your sweetie, you have upgraded your house to large or higher, and then give him or her the Blue Feather. I’ve done all requirements and have a pink flower with him but he wouldn’t confess. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? You can choose whether you want to do the cooking or have help with the cooking. I’m in Spring year 3 now, been gifting him for years lol!! To get the reverse, you must see his white and his purple flower events, have him to a blue flower or higher, give in gifts, and keep the ring in your bag on a Saturday or Sunday non-holiday until 11 o’clock, since you can give once a day, back track to see if you been giving him gifts EVERY single day in the past 3 months, if not you will have to wait until it happens, same thing goes for the reversal purposal, gifts and 30 of those gifts have to be his fav item which is sea urchin bowls, keep the blue feather in your bag, and if you reach gifts or more the event will trigger, if not keep going until it does. You walk into the Restaurant and have a seat at the bar, but Raeger takes a little bit of time to welcome you.

You will need to reach a red colored flower before you can propose marriage. The person will never reject your promise gift during the bridge scene. Daisy Pots and 5 Red Rose Pots will be added to the constructed objects inventory inside of your farm house. The flower on your dear’s portrait will also change. The two of you will also celebrate your birthdays. I have even tried going in once every hour till 1am to see if it’ll trigger at a different time but no.


Maybe he’s a shy one. I got frustrated and went for Nadi instead. If your feather is rejectedthen all of the marriage requirements have not been completed yet.

Raeger’s confession ? – Story of Seasons Answers for 3DS – GameFAQs

Log In Sign Up. Another lady comes into the restaurant to thank Raeger for the syory recipe he gave. So, unfortunately, you can’t get his reverse confession unless you have a save file from before you gave him the ring. The wedding gift will be 5 M. It must be because he is weak due to the sickness.

You take a seat at the table and eat some of the cake.

The pet name you select can’t be changed until you get married. Don’t have an account?

Marriage Options

You will NOT be required to chose your plan at that time. Raeger is slightly upset, and wonders if you’re worried how a pro chef will critique your cooking. The dishes that the candidates give are:. After the date is over, you’ll appear back at your farm house the next morning. Dessie doesn’t become available until Spring of sotry 2, which means you have to wait until at least year 2 to buy the Blue Feather, even though you can give the Revverse in year 1.

One of the optional things you can do in this game is get married.

You can sell the Blue Feather to the Trade Depot for 10 G, and it is one of the items in the shipped items list. The art card for your kf spouse appears on the top screen during the ending credits that appear after the marriage ceremony.

Harvest Moon Story of Seasons Raeger won’t reverse confess?

The blueprint for the house upgrade will be at Gunther’s shop forG after you build the Upgraded House or 70, G if you are playing in Seedling mode. He explains that his former girlfriends wouldn’t cook for him because they felt they were amateurs compared to his cooking abilities.

If the two of you share the same birthday, the event will take place inside of your farmhouse. Sometimes the reverse confessions in SoS are not that easily triggered despite meeting requirements.


Giving the Ring will link the two of you together as a couple and allows you to continue with triggering the person’s last two flower events. After the last customer leaves, Raeger thanks you for helping him.

You happen to visit the restaurant while things are going slowly, so Raeger invites you to sit down and chat with him for a bit.

Can’t trigger Raeger reverse confession?? – Story of Seasons Answers for 3DS – GameFAQs

Forgot your username or password? How do I unlock Nadi’s reverse confession? Keep me logged in on this device.

At specific stages of a person’s affection, you can trigger special interactive flower events. He feels bad that you ate an incomplete cake. To trigger his reverse confession you need to give him gifts, have him at blue heart and talk to him with the ring in your rucksack when he’s in his restaurant before business hours, so I guess around You will also receive a visit from Dessie.

Maybe the two of you could open a restaurant together some day! For Raeger and Mistel, you have to wait until they are not working at their stores e. Even if you happen to drop your fiance’s flower color to lower than red before you schedule your wedding ceremony, you’ll simply have a wedding with a non-red flower colored marriage candidate. He starts to talk some more, but he’s so sick that he passes out!

He never said anything because he didn’t want to get into trouble. Answered Differences on confession? Sign up for free! You can visit their shop and they will instantly appear to take your shop order, and then will instantly return back to the farm house once you’ve finished shopping.

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