Brady is there and begins to try and get information from her about the number of Vampires in town. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Daddy Issues 03 Feb 8. Before Caroline has time to react when she turns back around, Jules sprays her face with verbena. David Anders Jonathan Gilbert. Stefan Salvatore Ian Somerhalder Sensing that someone is behind her, Caroline turns around to see Jules there. Goofs When John says that Jenna has no right to keep him from staying in the house she says that as legal guardian she does, but he says because he is Elena’s biological father he does.

Soon, Damon also appears. Caroline confesses to Stefan what Jules revealed to Tyler about the death of Mason. John Gilbert Michaela McManus On Disc at Amazon. A Star Is Born 4. Tyler is absolutely confused with his situation and losing his real friends because he trusts on the destructive Jules.

With all their past history, Elena chooses not to believe him and walks away. Jules tells him to bring Tyler to her and she will let Caroline go.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Moments later, the Lycanthropes fall to the ground, holding their heads in pain. After some hesitation, Tyler quickly unlocks the cage. Tyler enters the camper and sees Caroline locked up. Daddy Issues 03 Feb They appear and tell her they are going to have a slumber party. He visits her in the tomb and tells her that he passed on the message to Isobel. Edit Did You Know? Telling her he was scared and that he was truly sorry.

He opens up to her and admits that he is in love with a woman who is in love with another. Anybody would be upset after what you went through tonight. Tyler tries to escape but Stefan manages to stop him and make him listen. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Tyler knocks on the old camper and Jules lets him in.


The Vampire Diaries :: Season 2, Episode 13

Guest Cast Randy Goodwin Jonas. Not telling him anything, Brady fires off another shot and Caroline screams out in pain.

Feeling awkward about the kiss, she tries to explain to him that they are vapmire friends that she and Matt still have unfinished business. Meanwhile, Caroline is taken hostage and Tyler deals with the news that she and other vampires may have murdered his uncle.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating episoee. The two begin to kiss and Damon leans to the side and bares his fangs and sinks them into her neck. Season 2 Episode Married at First Sight 6. He asks if she is ok and she says she is fine.

Tyler tells daison that he knows that Stefan and Damon are also Vampires. Mentioning the moonstone, makes Brady and Jules pay more attention and they asked Tyler where it is. The dagger must be dipped into the ash and then stabbed into their hearts. Elena bumps into John in the kitchen and demands to know what he is doing there and what he wants.

February 3, Elena is shocked and dismayed when John Gilbert, her biological father, returns to Mystic Falls. John stops by their table and asks if he can vampjre them.

Season 2, Episode 13 Daddy Issues. Jules demands that they hand over Tyler but Diaris and Damon demand she hand over Caroline. Bonnie finally returns to the show, and is upset to find out that her fellow witch friend Luka is in cahoots with Elijah.

He wants to know if she knew this whole time that his Uncle Mason was dead. Keep track of everything you watch; tell vampige friends. Jules calls Stefan and proposes to exchange Tyler for Caroline. Into The Blue 3. La La Land 6.


The Vampire Diaries :: Season 2, Episode 13

Caroline does not believe him and tells him that after what happened, there is no way they could ever be friends and that she never wants to see him again. Damon starts dating reporter Andie Starr. John arrives at the Gilbert home and tells Jenna that he is Elena’s biological father.

After receiving a frantic call from Caroline, Stefan races over to her house. But Stefan brings Elena and Bonnie to stay with her.

A Star Is Born 4. Audible Download Audio Books. Jules wants him eaison know that they are now his family and they should all stick together. However he calls Jules and Brady kidnaps and streamzz Caroline. No, she’s vampre work. Damon demands to know from John what streajzzz wants but before he can question him further, he overhears a phone call between Elena and Stefan.

John Gilbert Michaela McManus Seeing how upset he is, she tries to explain to him that she did it to protect him and her friends. Damon shocks her again when he reveals that he is a killer and it is in his nature to continue killing. The Curse of Oak Island 2. He also tells Tyler that when his friends wake up, to tell them to leave town. Episodes Watched from

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