To top it all off, Sora begins to realize that there are times when he and Sunao are mysteriously in bed together. Sora soon learns why Sunao identified himself as “Ran” that first night: Aizawa grew up with and became friends with Shin-ichirou Minato and Kai Nanami. Possibly the turning point in the series. It is unknown if Sei and Shiina have parents, but Kitamura has become Hano Yoshihiro’s stepbrother which he resents in the anime. This game finally wraps up the story between Sora and Sunao and ends their conflict with Professor Aizawa. A young boy who loves Sora later on he loves Sunao in the game.

This game finally wraps up the story between Sora and Sunao and ends their conflict with Professor Aizawa. The adopted child of Ayano. Usually, Shin-ichirou is very easy going and somewhat immature, though caring. Sora soon learns why Sunao identified himself as “Ran” that first night: A close childhood friend of both Sora and Sunao, Matsuri has long blond hair and green eyes. As Minato, he is very flirtatious and will attempt to force people into sex often Sora or Nanami. A character appearing only in the games and the OVA, he is a young boy who works at a nearby church and has a very close relationship with Sora Hashiba. Sora also seems to be the character most often harmed in the anime.

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There are two hidden endings in this game. Sora and Sunao continue their life in school. The first time he smiled was when Ayano used his favourite plushie a pink rabbit to talk to him.

After White Flower, the three of them are suoisho a family. In First Limit, Sora can end up with Hiromu if the players makes the right choices. In the games, their personalities are a lot more diverse and they are very similar Sora, Sunao, and Matsuri when they were in school.


In the anime, Hiromu haunts the halls of the school to find Sora. On the next games, he became a recurring character and a real friend of Sora and his friends. Also, some of his schoolmates are beginning to act a little strange. He is also usually seen with a long white piece of episodee tied to his right arm.

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Akai Yakusoku Jewelpet Twinkle: A quiet, serious and mysterious man, yet he is very intelligent and has gotten his thesis suksiho in numerous science magazines. In the games, there are scenes where he and Episore have sex depending on the choices the player makes. If — Fortune Arterial: He has a crush on Nagase Kai, manager of the Chemistry labs. He seems to be always happy, and he tries to help his friend any way he can.

Ran can be distinguished from Sunao by his slightly brighter pink hair color in the gamehigher voice, and red eyes; in the anime, the red eyes are the only feature the two personalities don’t share.

Meanwhile, Sora and Sunao meet Chris, who works at the epiwode church.

Articles containing Japanese-language text Wikipedia requested photographs of anime and manga. Ran is dependent, demanding and in some cases more feminine than Sunao. Aizawa became obsessed with causing Nanami pain and shortly after, kidnapped Sora Hashiba and Sunao Fujimori episoxe had performed grotesque experiments on them when they were children.

On his first night back in the dormitoryhe wakes to find a strange boy addressing him by the name “Yoru”. After spending some time in Shin-ichirou and Episod place, Sora and Sunao come across a mysterious cosplaying bandit known only by the number From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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He’s an upbeat person who likes to tease his friends, often inventing elaborate plans usually revolving around getting Sora and Sunao together, or making money. He is also the middle brother of Shin-ichirou Minato and Ryouya Kozuki.

syb Aizawa had begun falling in love with Shin-ichirou Minato but failed to cope with such emotions. By the end of the games, Aizawa redeems himself and happily works as a professor again, leaving the main characters alone.

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Shin-ichirou’s brother Ayano winds up working for him, claiming Aizawa was very depressed and lonely. This page was last edited on 1 Octoberat Normally, he refers to Sunao by his last name, Fujimori.

The dorm manager and head of the Do-It-All Club in the animeMatsuri always carries a camera, frequently taking fun if embarrassing for Sora snapshots. The games were originally point-and-click visual novels released for PC, containing sexual content, though certain body parts are censored as is all pornographic material in Japan.

Xukisyo soon learns why Sunao identified himself as “Ran” that first night: Most of Aizawa’s hate towards Nanami is mostly due to jealousy.

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