The lanterns are all lighted in the cemetery; the cloister is now shrouded in almost complete darkness. Thank you, sister, thank you. Messa di Gloria Kindly you would receive my prayers and tears. Quindi si avvia verso la fiorita. She collects a bundle of twigs and branches and places them in a surround of stones. She goes to the fount and fills the jar with water.

The door is opened outwardly by the sister portress who remains standing alongside the door in the shadow of the room. Another moment of this silence and you will be damned for eternity. La porticina si richiude. Has he a sweet face? She takes a handful of the herbs and flowers she has picked and throws them into the boiling water, looks a while at the poison being formed, takes the jar and places it at the foot of the cross; then turns to the right, toward the cell:. My friends the flowers who hide in your little breasts drops of poison, oh, how much care have I lavished upon you. The chapel is full of dazzling light. Sister Angelica raises herself from the ground, but remains kneeling with both hands covering her face.

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On three evenings only ahgelica the year, as we come out of chapel, God allows us to see the sun falling upon the fountain and turning it to gold.

The sunlight is upon the sweet sedge! Katia RicciarelliFiorenza Cossotto. The Abbess motions to the other sisters to withdraw. If only it were for me … Or me … my mother bringing us the white doves … If only it were engllish cousin bringing good lavender seed.

The conversation is interrupted by the Infirmary Sister, who begs Sister Angelica to make an herbal remedy, her specialty. It is a place of compassion It is the second opera of the trio of operas known as Il trittico Triptych. La zia Principessa la segue. But do you think it is easy? The door closes and they are left alone. She rises and turns towards the cells Farewell, dear sisters, farewell, I leave you for ever.


So begin the three evenings of the golden fountain! How painful it is to hear the dead mourn and weep! The sisters crowd around the donkey; the Questuants unload, and turn the gifts over to the sister housekeeper.

OSU Opera Theatre to offer two operas by Puccini, “Suor Angelica” and “Gianni Schicchi”

While the Princess sits down, she falls to her knees and looks imploringly at her. The poor nun has not seen her son since he was taken away from her at birth. Si ode dal fondo a destra il segnale delle tavolette. Oh, sweet end to all my sorrows, when can I join you in Heaven?

To the sweet Subtitled of all mothers I cannot promise to forget One-act opera, part of Il trittico by Giacomo Puccini. They made her take the veil, it seems … as a punishment.

Sister Osmina slams her cell door. Your sister Anna Viola is to be married. She has been in the convent for more than seven years but has heard no word. Le monache, passandole innanzi, fanno atto di reverenza.

Le suore restano unite formando, a piccoli gruppi, una specie di semicerchio. Suor Usor, commossa; quasi vacillante va incontro alla zia, ma la vecchia protende la sinistra come per consentire soltanto all’atto sottomessa del baciamano.

Sister Genevieve draws near her companions and almost interrupts their exclamations by pointing to Sister Angelica with a gesture of pity.

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Sister Angelica bursts out sobbing. The young woman has had no angwlica from her relatives for seven years. They are singing in Heaven! She turns to water subtiitles flowers. In an impulse of irresistible exaltation she embraces and kisses the cross, then, bending rapidly, she picks up the jar, turns towards the church and with her eyes fixed in the heavens, drinks the poison. The vioces of the sisters are heard from the cemetery.


And you died without knowing how much your mother loved you! Sister Angelica, also late, enters from right and moves towards the church.

Sister Angelica, full of emotion, and almost staggering, moves toward her aunt, but the old lady merely stretches out her left hand as if to indicate that she will only consent to Sister Angelica kissing it. Enter the Princess, who walks rather slowly, leaning on a thin ebony stick. I die for him and I shall see him again in Heaven … Ah! And for two evenings more. Now little blonde sister, you are to be married, oh, my little sister, may you be happy!

She falls to the ground. Now she’s in her cell, moaning! The Monitor comes forward to the center. The child takes one step Purest Mother! Sister Angelica sets about hoeing the earth and watering the flowers. The Abbess enters to call the nun for whom the visitor is waiting.

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The two aneglica leave. She seems resigned, but is so tormented! When the mystical trance passes, I have only one word to say to you: Blessed grace has descended!

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