La Vie En Rose 9. The only one who seems completely unflustered is Cas. He can tell by the steam in the bathroom that Cas has already showered, so he takes one as well, then dresses in his old Zep tee and worn out jeans, the same outfit he’d had on the day he met Cas. Adam is leaning his elbow on the island, chin resting in his hand, eyes following the dough as it flies up in the air and is skillfully caught and tossed again. You fuckers go get a room or something. Then his producer decides to throw a contest, and the lucky winner will have Castiel come to their home to cook a meal for them and their loved one. He also foregoes shaving, remembering the last time he didn’t shave, and how Cas couldn’t seem to keep his hands off his face. I want to meet your family, Dean, I want to be part of every aspect of your life.

Fire of Unknown Origin The mug would be the perfect addition for any fan of the iconic show. Format see all Format. We use the highest quality mugs and inks to produce stunning images. He was going to spend the night, then we were going to hang out all day tomorrow. Unfollow winchester mugs to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Due to the nature of the item, it is not suitable for use in the dishwasher or microwave, hand wash only. Contracts and Caveats

Ceramic More from this seller. Condition see all Condition. Oh well, Cas seems to like it. Dean wraps his arms around his waist, and kisses his neck. He puts in The Princess Brideafter discovering that Cas has never seen it, there may have been some incredulous yelling of “inconceivable” involvedand now he’s driving Castiel slightly crazy with his obsessive quoting, spouting off nonsense about peanuts, and R. The only one who seems completely unflustered is Cas.

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Adam’s making very interesting noises next to him, clearly deeply moved by the pizza. Him and Sam both.


It’s a shitty rule when you’re stuck in the car with this moron for eight hours and all he wants to listen to is Metallica and Led Zeppelin ad nauseum, then he informs you that even if he’s not driving, car ownership trumps driver, so he still gets to control the music!

God, the things you do to me. Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Refine more Format Format. Item location see all Item location.

The Cakehole Rule Your review has been posted. This page was last updated: Dean helps him add sauce, cheese, sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms and green peppers.

Brand New in BOX. An hour later, Adam and Dean are both watching in awe as Cas deftly tosses rounds of dough in the air.

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Cakehoel, he adds a dollop of Dean’s coconut body wash to the washcloth, and begins washing Dean’s body, the smell getting in his nose, and he’s instantly turned on. Chinese set aside, it’s not long before they’re horizontal on the couch, Cas on top, making out like horny teenagers, hands everywhere.

All Auction Buy it now. He deepens the kiss, Dean letting out a little hum of contentment. This is going to be a good day. He can’t wait to see what happens when Sam joins the mix, that’s probably going to be very, very funny. He snuggles up closer to Cas, all of them contentedly eating pizza and drinking beer, making fun of Tom Cruise, and quoting their favorite lines from the movie.

Cas is standing at his stove, in tight black jeans and Dean’s white supernayural Stones tee, flipping more pancakes. He was going to spend the night, then we sereis going to hang out all day tomorrow.

He grabs the Chinese food containers and drops them on the counter. This is the Springtime of My Loving Primark New in box. Throw Me a Line Please provide a valid price range.

I use it in the shower, and I get myself off, and I can close my eyes and breathe in, and pretend the hand on me is yours. Format see all Format. Cas chuckles and hands Dean a mug of coffee, black, just the way he likes it.


No cakehole rule for the boyfriend? He’s pretty awesome, he can cook, and you are way better behaved with him around. Fire of Unknown Origin He loves his damn watches.

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He gets him to the bottom of the stairs, then Dean stops and grins ridiculously at Castiel. Coming home and finding you on my porch was the greatest thing ever. Get your own celebrity chef!

Supernatural “Driver Picks the Music” Travel Mug -Jensen Ackles+Jared Padaleckig

He smiles at Cas, who smiles back, and they just sit there staring at each other for a minute until Adam noisily clears his throat. Adam holds his cards over his head, trying to focus on them, then gives up and lets them fall onto his face and the floor. The real color tracel the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

Dishwasher Safe Mug 10oz White Mug. Refine more Format Format. Show only see all Show only. Which means Adam’s suggestion of “losers have to take a shot” has managed to intoxicate all of them.

Dean hums contentedly as Supernatjral massages the soap into his hair, then he reaches out to shut off the jets. Dean nods, and lets Castiel pull him into the warm water, Castiel settling in first, then cakehkle Dean’s back against his serkes.

Dean pushes a button and the jets switch on, and Castiel feels his body relax against him. Buying format see all.

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