Daphne and Chris get to know each other better. From the painting, Oh, Future! When Regina discovered the latter offense, which led to a felony charge against Daphne, she asked why her daughter seemed so intent on throwing away everything that they had worked so hard for. Melody helps Natalie in help finding Matthew. Good intentions lead to hurt feelings. From the painting, Girl on the Cliff , by Augustus John.

The Black Student Union takes a stand against the university administration until their demands are heard. Melody preps Travis for an important college interview that he ends up skipping. Retrieved March 18, A visibly frustrated Daphne didn’t respond, and in truth, there’s no piece of dialogue the writers could have written for her that would have explained away her character’s sudden and drastic personality change. Bay has second thoughts about attending the prom when dress-code rules are enacted. Retrieved June 17, Jennice and John try to keep their kiss a secret and Regina decides whether or not to tell Kathryn. Toby returns from a soul-searching trip to Iceland after his failed marriage with a new perspective and surprising aspiration for his career.

John and Kathryn go to a strip club as a possible investment.

Toby introduces to everyone his newborn son. Bay’s art teacher shows no leniency about Bay’s hand injury and demands that she work harder, and Bay succeeds in finding new ways to create her art with the help of Emmett. List of Switched at Birth episodes.

The one-hour scripted drama revolves around two young women who discover they were switched at birth and grew up in very different environments. Toby gets a surprise visit from Nikki, who tells him that she wants to live in Peru. Emmett tells Bay he’s considering about submitting his movie to a film festival.

Bay later rejoins the field hockey team for college admissions appeal. Left in Charge Full Episode S 5: Bay is upset that Emmett put what happened with Tank into his movie.


Kathryn goes to John after finding out about their financial problems. As a longtime viewer of the show, Swiched was always impressed by Switched at Birth ‘s unique take on the typical pitfalls of growing up.

Switched at Birth

Daphne and Travis get their admission results from Gallaudet University. Toby tutors Sharee in physics to make sure she remains eligible for field hockey. Daphne invites Bay to come to China with her to make a difference. Kathryn asks Regina for the coffee house to be the setting for her and Toby’s musical.

Daphne comes clean to Mingo sovkshare kissing Quinn in Mexico. When her boss decides to sell the business, Regina hopes to buy the place with Angelo’s help. Retrieved July 1, Retrieved February 19, Jorge invites Daphne to a family barbecue where she is confronted about the Senator Coto ordeal.

Toby travels to Iceland.

Bay learns that Regina told Daphne about Eric kidnapping Will instead of her. Hope asks Regina for money to start a new life with her son. The Kennish family and Emmett discover Bay’s decision to take the blame for Daphne. Seawon that Bay and Daphne are still depressed about Angelo’s death after two weeks, John suggests a trip to Chicago to find Bay’s second cousin from Angelo’s side of the family and eeason Daphne a chance to tour prospective colleges.

Bay and Daphne prepare for the big game.

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Bracing the Waves Full Episode S 4: Bay enlists Tank to help her strike back when the rivalry between Carlton and Buckner field hockey team get heated. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Someone from Kathryn’s past threatens the publication of her book. John invites her to his house to watch a boxing match and they end up kissing, which Regina sees through the window.

Retrieved from ” https: Daphne continues to search for the patient she allowed to leave the clinic early. Melody preps Travis for sswitched important college interview that he ends up skipping. Daphne deals with a prankster in her dorm.


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Bay gets a surprise visit from Emmett just as she’s about to be freed from her house-arrest anklet. Bay takes Toby to a school for kids who have Down Syndrome.

Abuse of the TV. Retrieved February 11, Retrieved February 7, Daphne’s first pre-med class becomes a challenge and Josh only compounds the difficulty.

Regina discovers something about Eric’s wife. Sharee faces the pain of her own past while trying to get more students to get involved. Her relationship with John continues to be tense. Before the final season of Game of Thrones starts, find out which episode of the HBO hit reigns supreme. From the s painting, Have You Really the Courage? Travis opens up to Bay about a personal experience as a child.

Switched At Birth

John tells Kathryn he’s decided to sell the Car Wash. Bay breaks up with Tank telling him they should just go back to being friends but John mistakenly confronts a heartbroken Tank about Bay having to get the morning after pill.

The Call Full Episode S 5: Daphne shows an interest in the medical profession and tries to take on more responsibility at the clinic.

In an interview at the time, creator Lizzy Weiss partly attributed the idea to kill Angelo to the death of a high school teacher in her teen years that had a profound impact on her.

Daphne receives an opportunity at the clinic but worries how it will affect her boyfriend Campbell.

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