By this point in my life I was 16 years old with much more of an appreciation for match quality. Especially in NYC, Shawn was going to get booed. Things were moving forward at a pace with Bret Hart returning and picking out Steve Austin as his opponent for Survivor Series. Austin slammed Hart onto the announce table. Plus, this show also featured the PPV debut of a guy named Rocky Maivia, who ended up turning into quite a big deal raise your eyebrow as you read that. Abdominal stretch by Austin included him grabbing the ropes for leverage as the heel in the match, ref Tim White told him to break it up, Austin shoved him and gave him the middle fingers. What an awesome match! Furnas and Lafon were newcomers who were brought in from Japan.

Survivor Series The Undertaker vs. A place where aside from hogan, a clean white meat baby face generally gets booed. Austin with an elbow smash as Hart was on the table. And being a straight laced face at that time was not in. Sid is fucking feeling it now and gestures to the crowd, who respond, and signals for the Powerbomb. The rest of the Kliq was doing the nWo thing with edginess, attitude, and realism. They were obviously key performers the company over the next several years. None of those moves were designed to break the table, but the aggressiveness was really good.

Helmsley suplex and Goldust dropped an elbow for two. This was also mjchaels the period where Shawn was causing a lot of problems backstage and plans changed all the time.

Boot to the face by Undertaker and Mankind fought out of a slam attempt with the mandible claw. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my gibberish. Michaels did a chop block to knock Sid down. The fact that Sid faced Bret in a title match a week prior to xurvivor show tells you a lot of what you need to know — the fact the buyrate for the show was the lowest for Wrestlemania by some distance says much more.


Survivor.Series.1996 – Shawn Michaels Vs Sycho Sid – (1 2)

No real botches, did all the power shit, sold quite well when he had to, too. Lafon hit a sunset flip on Bulldog while Furnas grabbed Owen out of the ring. More than that, though, they were really short of hope. Women of Wrestling Celebrities.

Survivor Series after ten years of this event. The face team were led by Savio Vega.

Sid took a long time to set up a Powerbomb, so Michaels got a small package for a two count. Blog – A written look at wrestling from twenty years ago. It felt like a real fight, which is when pro wrestling is sycyo its best. Mero led the faces.

I hated when Bret screwed him out of the title at WM 13, and still not too many ppl think Taker wouldn’t have kicked out of the powerbomb yet he was down for awhile when Bret interfered.

While previously taping three or four Raw’s at once, the doubling of the length meant they needed to sutvivor in extra dates at short notice — which would’ve been fine except the venues didn’t really exist, and seriez of Europe did.

The problems for Vader had started a lot sooner, but there’s a case that his run was probably still salvageable at this stage — the beauty behind booking someone quite well is you can heat them up and just showcase the times sych got it right. The roster was changing for the better. Also, Shawn was a prettyboy baby face in chaps, Sid was a bad-ass wrecking machine The crowd was going wild, but Helmsley drove him back into the corner.

Survivor Series The Undertaker vs.

There were some quick tags. Thanks to a warm crowd, multiple Bret Hart interferences and a ludicrous for the time spot where Sid countered the Tombstone into one of his own the match never got to the point where it was flat, but not for the first time Sid was the fall guy — dropping the title to Undertaker after one interference from Bret ve many. He received a lot of cheers.


The match was likely cut short because. The Godwinns were the face team. I always thought these two worked extremely well together, be it as a team or against one another. Check the promo on youtube where he goes “can we start that over” and JR says “we’re live PAL” LOL anyways, in I didn’t like Shawn Micbaels because of WM12 maybe people were still sore over that, and his gimmick got old after awhile. Mankind nailed a piledriver. However why that night when he put the Title on the line in MSG against Sid was he almost totally booed as if he was the Top Heel instead?

As much as enjoy this and Sid at this time, Vader should have been the one to have a title reign tbh.

The Inexplicable Rise Of Sid In WWE

Cassidy with a running clothesline in the corner. Some fans even grabbed him on his way to the ring, so security had to break it up. So Sid comes out first and is already sychi with Plus, I knew him from WCW and thought he could have done more there.

Crush punched Mero a few times and then Mero nailed a dropkick. So the WWF pivoted quickly, axing the planned title match for that Raw, changing Sunday’s number one contender four-way between Bret, Austin, Undertaker and Vader into a title match and then guaranteeing Sid a shot a the victor the Monday after.

Jannetty hit a knee to the back leading to Cassidy hitting a clothesline on Phineas.

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