The second of the spy film series was shot in Goa. This section needs expansion. Heavily revolving around India, this romantic comedy-drama starring Julia Roberts was shot in parts of Delhi and Pataudi. This page was last edited on 27 January , at We’ll send a list to your inbox, once a day. Police Story 3 Outsourced – Mumbai This romantic comedy was not only shot in India but also set up on what happens when a firangi gets outsourced to India.

With Westridge killed in the fall, the snake coils itself around Danny and attempts to kill him, only to be shot in the head and killed by Terri. Offspring , Anacondas: We’re pretty sure the Twin Towers are not surrounded by those buildings?! The survivors overcome Serone and tie him up for punishment. Image via Reliance Entertainment. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Image syutinh 20th Century Foxpetikanbuku. The others arrive just as it finishes, so Bill sets the building on fire in hopes of killing the anaconda, but notices that it already made its escape. The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. This Dev Patel starrer comedy-drama film has most of its scenes from Rajasthan, especially in Jaipur and Udaipur.

17 Hollywood Movies That Had Scenes Filmed In India

The Hunt for the Blood Orchid Anaconda 3: When the anaconda returns, Westridge distracts it enough for Terri and Danny to return to the boat while he ascends the waterfall. Films directed by Luis Llosa. They find themselves in a small native village consisting of thatched huts and a disemboweled anaconda with a pair of human legs hanging out of the snake’s abdomen.

Primarily filmed in Sarawak, including a specially constructed longhouse at Batang Ai, the Matang Recreations Park, and Buntal fishing village.


Cole shoots it with a flare, causing a chain reaction that sets the anaconda on fire and kills the other snakes and destroys the blood orchids. This section needs expansion. Spot The Bas Sekolah! Bill, Sam, Cole, and Gail make it back to the raft and they leave the place behind. Trail of Blood Lake Placid vs. The Hunt for the Blood Orchid inwhich was released to theaters and followed by three films, Anaconda 3: Hey, maybe that’s why he’s a Datuk!

10 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Filmed In Malaysia. Spot The Bas Sekolah!

Wikiquote has quotations related to: A photograph in an old newspaper reveals that Mateo, Serone, and the unnamed poacher were actually working together to catch animals, including snakes. Jack orders her to throw him the backpack, but Sam threatens to drop the flowers into the pit unless he drops the gun. This page was last edited on 27 Januaryfi,m Best Horror or Thriller Film.

Trail of Blood and Lake Placid vs.

10 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Filmed In Malaysia. Spot The Bas Sekolah!

Later, Mateo gets lost and is the first to be killed by the anaconda, which coils around him before it snaps his neck near the boat where the poacher had been killed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Gillian Anderson and Julianna Margulies were the first choices for the role of Terri Flores whose last name was originally Porterbut they passed due to scheduling conflicts with both The X-Files and ER respectively before Jennifer Lopez signed on. Retrieved from ” https: As Terri and Danny recuperate on a nearby dock, the anaconda, now burnt, appears one final time. Being a Datuk in Malaysia has its benefits. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.


Afterwards, Terri and Danny reunite with Cale, who begins to revive on the boat. Views Read Edit View history. Enjoying the Best of Hollywood’s Worst”.

The plot of the story starts from India. An enraged Serone attacks Terri, only to be stabbed with a tranquilizer dart by Cale, who soon loses consciousness again.

17 Hollywood Movies That Had Scenes Filmed In India

The next day, the boat becomes stuck at a waterfall, requiring Terri, Danny, and Westridge to enter the water to winch it loose. He has Sam cross the pit via a thin log to fill a backpack with orchids.

A giant anaconda emerges from the water and swallows Ben whole, but the rest of the team escape from the river.

The Viral Factor Please click “I Agree” to accept this use of your data. The one where Datuk Jackie Chan famously flew around Kuala Lumpur while hanging on anaconea dear life from a helicopter.

The team goes over a waterfall and has to wade through the river. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Serone performs an emergency cricothyrotomyseemingly saving Cale’s life. Yeah, the same scene where Batman escapes from jail.

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