Because of variations in altitude, a large range of tropical and subtropical crops can be cultivated, but land is not generally available to outside interests. Two other paramount chiefs at the time of independence were appointed joint heads of state for life. Western Samoa Trust Territory. The New York Times. In , during the final stages of World War I , the flu pandemic had taken its toll, spreading rapidly from country to country. Journal of the Polynesian Society. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

To emphasize the importance of full inclusion with sign language, elementary Samoan Sign Language was taught to members of the Samoa Police Service, Red Cross Society, and public during the International Week of the Deaf. Another dance performed by males is called the fa’ataupati or the slap dance, creating rhythmic sounds by slapping different parts of the body. In the first incident, approximately one fifth of the Samoan population died in the influenza epidemic of — Rugby league is mostly played by Samoans living in New Zealand and Australia. This page was last edited on 21 February , at London; Ann Arbor, MI: United Nations Development Programme.

A Footnote to History: Travel writer Paul Theroux noted marked differences between the societies in Western Samoa and American Samoa in The Samoan islands result hxmo from volcanismoriginating with the Samoa hotspot which probably results from a mantle plume. Rubber has been produced in Samoa for many years, but its export value has little impact on the economy. Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States quickly ld to end the hostilities and divided the island chain at the Tripartite Convention ofsigned at Washington on 2 December with ratifications exchanged on 16 February These are the traditional eleven districts which predate European arrival.

When Christianity was introduced in Samoa, most Samoan people converted. Retrieved 19 June American football is occasionally played in Samoa, reflecting its wide popularity in American Samoawhere the sport is played under high school sanction. The capital city is Apia. Western Samoa Trust Territory.

The second major incident arose out of an initially peaceful protest by the Mau which literally translates as “strongly held opinion”a non-violent popular movement which had its beginnings in the early s on Savai’i, led by Haml Namulauulu Mamoean orator chief deposed by Solf.


To emphasize the importance of full inclusion with sign language, elementary Samoan Sign Language was taught to members of the Samoa Police Service, Red Cross Society, and public during the International Week el the Deaf.

In modern times, development aidprivate family remittances from overseasand agricultural exports have become key factors in the nation’s economy.

This was followed by an eight-year civil warduring which each of the three powers supplied arms, training and in some cases combat troops to the warring Samoan parties. The Samoan government has called for deregulation of the financial sector, encouragement of investment, and continued fiscal discipline. BySamoa had a population of some 38, Samoans and 1, Europeans.

In JuneParliament established an amendment to Article 1 of the Samoan Constitution, thereby making Christianity the state religion.

Samoa Bureau of Statistics. Written and directed by Tusi Tamaseseit received much critical acclaim and attention at film festivals throughout the world.

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Unitary dominant-party parliamentary democracy with a trace of aristocracy. Forty-seven are matai title-holders elected from territorial districts by Samoans; the other two are chosen by non-Samoans with no chiefly affiliation on separate electoral rolls. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. There followed a series of New Zealand administrators who were responsible for two major incidents.

New Zealand scientists have dated remains in Samoa to about years ago.

The German Empire governed the mlvie Samoan islands from to World Meteorological Organization UN [63]. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Reprint by special arrangement with Yale University Press. The Samoan government provides eight years of primary and secondary education that is tuition-free and is compulsory through age Britain also sent troops to protect British lee enterprise, harbour rights, and consulate office.

Retrieved 11 March Samoa, the first small-island country in the Pacific to become independent, joined the Commonwealth of Nations on 28 August Oceanside Museum of Art. Albert Wendt is a significant Samoan writer whose novels and stories tell the Samoan experience.

Tatala le ata tifaga fou – Tears Of The Hamo – Samoa Times: Samoan Community Newspaper

For example, the District of A’ana has its capital at Leulumoega. The staple products of Samoa are copra dried coconut meatcocoa bean for chocolateand bananas.


Items of great cultural value include the finely woven ‘ie toga. Some Samoans are spiritual and religious, and have subtly adapted the dominant religion of Christianity to ‘fit in’ with fa’a Samoa w vice versa.

Scientific research is ongoing, although a number of different theories exist; including one proposing that the Samoans originated from Austronesian predecessors during the terminal eastward Lapita expansion period from Southeast Asia and Melanesia between 2, and 1, BCE.

German merchants and settlers were active in introducing large scale plantation operations and developing new industries, notably cocoa bean and rubber, relying on imported labourers from China and Melanesia.

Archived from the original on 5 November Samoa lies south of the equator, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean.

In the period before German colonisation, Samoa produced mostly copra. Tourist arrivals have been increasing over the years with more thantourists visiting the islands inup from 70, in After several days of fighting, the Samoan rebels were finally defeated.

These relationships are based on respect, or fa’aaloalo. Despite centuries of European influence, Samoa maintains its historical customs, tati and political systems, and language.

Tatala le ata tifaga fou – Tears Of The Hamo

Director Sima Urale is an award-winning filmmaker. Originally published at New Haven: Intimate sociocultural and genetic ties were maintained between Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga, and the archaeological record supports oral tradition and native genealogies that indicate inter-island voyaging and intermarriage between pre-colonial Samoans, Fijians, and Tongans.

Samoa forms part of the Samoan tropical moist forests ecoregion. Retrieved movif January

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