Beo-jin is late to join her group for diving that day, and hurries out alone, where she sees a hunk of something odd. It’s so great to watch the first episode of a drama and already know you’re going to love it. So, i love this series. Love this drama very much. So he heads to the alternate location: This is indeed a pleasant surprise. I know that there’s a certain amount of bathroom humor, in K-dramas.

Posted December 16, It’s so great to watch the first episode of a drama and already know you’re going to love it. No sites have the full version. Now, back to the matter of the missing medallion. She pushes William underwater, then joins him. Lee Han Wi Supporting Cast. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. It definitely is not something to be taken seriously.

I had no idea you were going to do it and I was patiently waiting for the show to show up on My Soju Thanks for the great recap Javabeans. So, i love this series. The Beojin girl, is really doing justice with her character, so as the arrogant aristocrat guy. Please enter your username or email address. By zzainal Started August 10, It’s definitely on my list of islajd watch along with My Fair Lady.

Among the many things that horrify Kyu are the crude facilities. To this day, I still listen to it. This seems like a trend in Korean dramas, every time there is someone in a drama who supposedly is american, episose british or even french Their scenes together are the cutest.

Posted September 26, You can read tamna the island episode 3 recap at http: William and Beo-Jin are the sweetest couple!!!! Kim Yi-bangwho scolds Kyu for getting into trouble the instant he arrives. It’s nice to have this and Hon as refreshing departures from the same old kdrama mold. However, Park Kyu, an arrogant, exiled noble, isn’t going to isladn William take Beojin away without a fight.


He would prefer to carry out his exile alone, being fastidious and classist as he is, but this is punishment, not islznd.

Episodw you, once again. He slips away to check on his precious chamber pot, which has been stowed away in a barrel. I’ll stick with the recaps if you do though.

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Today, he is transfixed by a peculiar bowl, which a mystic assures him is full of magical energy… while a little cartoon drawing demystifies its purpose for us: I’m suddenly in this thread because I missed it! Kim Mi Kyung Supporting Cast. This is a great review. When he continues yelling at her, she drops it onto ialand coals.

Any help would be appreciated, Stephen. Posted September 25, I’m one of dramacrzay who love the so bad it’s good sometimes. The music less so.

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I know that there’s a certain amount of bathroom humor, in K-dramas. Dramwcrazy, I liked the drama enough and ended up buying it. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. I will wait for subs and try it myself.


That would be an exercise in futility, and would probably suck all the fun out of it, anyway. Princess Diana’s maiden name was Diana Spencer. I just couldn’t watch that garbage This option is islannd not acceptable. However, I would never have envision a chamber pot as a plot device. Or, that a bodily function can be the topic of one entire episode.

William sputters awake, then jerks in alarm eyeing her knifewhile she observes him with cheerful curiosity, particularly drawn to his golden hair. Where should I go? Love this drama very much.

Tamra Island – 01

He shows Kyu a portable plank of wood, which he places on the rocky beach, and does his business on it. Lee Sun Ho Main Cast. I’m currently watching “The Three Musketeers,” which is a fusion sageuk and also having just very recently and belatedly watched “The Moon that Embraces the Sun. But this fusion dramas is something that I long for. However, I looking forward to this show’s improvement.

I love the women’s diving scenes, along with the background music,the beautiful scenery thd cinematography. It seems to me that there are two types of Dtamacrazy actresses who do the overly cutesy shtick:

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