The reason for the change is a long one that can be read here , you can also try our modifications to SeaMonkey without installing LXLE. Packagers and the QA team have worked hard to fix as many bugs as possible. It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed important for security or stability reasons, as well as new features and enhancements. Now it’s time to upgrade for Live users for security reasons and a couple of new features mainly driven by Firefox. Download the generic compressed image from here: For install users of Great thanks and we are very much looking forward to the final result of our common work on this shiny release.

From the brief announcement on the project’s news page: The btrfs filesystem is default and comes with btrfsprogs 3. They are enhanced with some useful packages and scripts, an installer based on Calamares and a custom-patched version of the Linux kernel 4. The team has been hard at work through this cycle, introducing new features and fixing bugs. Kali is a more mature, secure, and enterprise-ready version of BackTrack. This week in the th issue of DistroWatch Weekly incidentally, this is also news item number

Pat Riehecky has announced the release of Scientific Linux 6. Kate Lebedeff has announced the availability of the second alpha release of OpenMandriva Lx We’re also pleased with this release to welcome Ubuntu Budgie to the family of Ubuntu community flavours. The next Tails release 0.

: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Peter Ryzhenkov has announced the release of Point Linux 2. So if you are running Neptune is a Linux distribution based on Debian’s Stable branch.

Not everything has gone smoothly. In this release you’ll notice new features including: From the release notes: Knowing that our previous snapshot, sta1, was released in Julythis new development release was long overdue.

Our goal is one full release where the non-default Wayland option works seamlessly, or reasonably close thereto. Here is our changelog of major changes from 2.


The team has been hard at work through this cycle, introducing new features and fixing bugs. YaST sports a new look and its Qt front-end is ported to Qt5. Only the hardcore need apply to this latest Manjaro flavour, which provides a minimalist yet highly configurable Openbox base for more subtitle users and Openbox enthusiasts to build upon.

Org server and libraries, which allowed us to incorporate some important security fixes from Oracle x-sclone and Debian X. The new release, Tails 2.

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Apart from bug fixes and updating packages not a lot has changed from Here are some versions of what is shipped in Netrunner Desktop File manager now understands file types, so it is easier for users to open files like images, PDF documents, and so on. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

The main changes are the new Linux kernel 3. In fact, ‘The beginner’s handbook’ published by our friends of the 3HG Team, are included in this distribution. The project’s latest release is SparkyLinux 5. Rbfstab is a utility that is activated during boot or when a device is plugged in.

The live system’s user name is ‘live’, password ‘live’. In total, 25 packages were updated and changes to text have been made throughout the book. Ubuntu Studio’s new features. From the modernized installer to the easy to use Marketplace, ClearOS 6 has matured to be our best offering. Some highlights of the 7.

Please be aware that this release provides beta testers and developers with a system to test out new bbarber for the upcoming release.

A number of configuring applications that once looked more like scripts now look like normal applications. Some of the updates from our contributors include: Compared to the CLI Edition, Sparky ‘Base’ works in graphical mode so it will be much easier to install and configure additional applications than before.


The developers of Simplicity Linuxa distribution derived from Puppy Linux, have launched a new beta release for people to test. Download the live DVD image from here: Evolve OS Beta 1. Choosing good passwords Torrent corner: Mastodon bwrber TLS, so you need to specify –tls when creating your site.

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Download SHA from here: The antiX project has released an update to the distribution’s 17 series, antiX Bug fixes include the menu editor, net applet in the tthe tray, Konsole profile and better defaults for Dolphin and System Tray icons.

In the world of Linux, no St Patrick’s Day would be complete without an interesting note in the Slackware changelog and this year is no different as Patrick Volkerding announces the availability of the first release candidate for Slackware Linux Mageia 3 Beta 4 New distributions: There will be issues. Upgrade to Abrber Calamares has been updated to its latest version 3. Over the last few weeks, there sibberia a lot of focus on squashing bugs and improving little usability issues.

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Calamares has received lots of partitioning enhancements and bug fixes since our previous ISO release and the installation process should be smoother than ever. Changes to text have been made throughout the book.

UBOS is a Linux distribution designed to greatly reduce the amount of time required to set up and maintain common network services. Download MD5 the installation CD image from here: This test release gives Red Hat customers a chance to preview features coming to the company’s Enterprise Linux 6. Anke Boersma has announced slberia release of KaOS

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