Episodes 58 To Hell and Back: Episodes 62 Montezuma’s Revenge: He even went as far as to claim that New York City is now so safe that he wants to bring back hitchhiking as a legitimate form of transportation. The Lost Deep Thoughts then returned for another installment where Jack Handey reflected on the versatility of playing dead. Goth Talk also returned for another installment where this time the dark lord praising cable access hosts held an impromptu Prom Of Doom in their school’s boiler room only to keep getting interrupted by Steve Buscemi who played the school janitor and was just trying to do his job. Although sharing the same name as the show’s 5th season, Battle of the Seasons , unlike other sequel seasons is not distinguished as part “II” as the Season has a completely different format as well as different rules. S22 E08 On the Wings of Love.

S15 E05 Match-Up of the Century. Also, as always, the judge ended up siding with the dirtbag over the woman after Buscemi showed her an example of his ability to dance. He then went on to show the audience the one flawed scene from the movie where he continued to eat his breakfast while Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt were acting their asses off. Finally, Nathan Lane closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. The Bad, and The Notorious. S09 E17 Handsome Reward.

S07 E09 Red Barron. Road To Nagano then returned for another installment of the parody Winter Olympics coverage where this week Will Ferrell played and new anchor who interviewed the very first person to win a gold medal in the sport of snowboarding since it was a new event that year.

Tim Meadows also returned for another installment of The Ladies Man where host, Leone Phelps, prepared to enjoy the holidays with his in-studio guest played by Helen Hunt. This went on again with Darrell Hammond which led Gellar to steal a purse from the crowd and give him the pot that was within it.


S07 E05 I Scream. S08 E12 Balcony Swing. This was followed by a fake ad for an album called Songs That Ruined Everything where Will Ferrell played the lead singer of Styx to promote this album filled with failed hits that ruined the careers of various rock stars from the era. There are four games in the Arena: Orange Julius was a sketch where Sylvester Stallone played a demented computer salesman who longed for the days when the building he worked in used to be an Orage Julius restaurant.

S04 E14 Good Intentions.

I Do Not Like You Sam I Am

This was followed a quick moment where Reno attack the real Scully when she incidentally entered the room. S29 E14 Math Is Hard. S16 E02 Calling It Quits.

Half in the Bag 9. Once again, Colin Quinn gave us the news. S07 E17 Gold Rush Part 2. Even the devil was uninterested in what Brenner had to say.

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons

S16 E06 Island King. This time Bill was calling to say hi, share that he listened to the Counting Crows CD that she bought for him, and make sure that she was erasing the messages.

Episodes 6 Champs vs. S06 E07 Seven Rings of Saturn. The Vietnam War 9.

Battle of the Bloodlines Reunion. Jane’s Addiction then took to the stage to perform Jane Says. During the interview, Oprah not only ate the burger but also ate other beef products while barely paying attention to what battlle being said. S10 E16 Montezuma’s Revenge.


S03 E04 Snake Wrangling. Sign up for free to remove ads. S06 E12 Stairway To Heaven. S05 E10 Rush Hour.

S13 E05 The Drama Mafia. Battle of the Seasons Reunion was aired on December 19,after the season finale. Desert Scorn S23 E13 Reunion. This was followed by a fake ad for Lemon Glow which was a floor cleaner that marketed the fact that it provides a renewed suburban existences for those housewives who used to live the wild life. John Gray was a fake infomercial-style ad where Norm MacDonald played the titular doctor who kept mixing up the gender roles while trying to pitch his latest edition Men Are From Mars, Women Are Venus book.

The Challenge episodes (TV Series – Now)

Gellar then bttle Oteri the earring from her ears and acted as if it was a well thought out gift. Little did Lewinsky know but Tripp was wearing a wiretap even though she was terrible at trying to conceal it. Chris Farley then revised his Matt Foley Motivational Trainer character in order to attempt to motivate the participants of a trendy new high-intensity spin class.

We then got another installment of Good Morning With Liza! S31 E06 Notes on a Scandal. S28 E14 Split Decision. S07 E16 Gold Rush Part 1. Since the two Goat Boys were both cloned they were technically more than twins and instantly hit it off and even playfully started to butt heads.

The Fresh Meat Reunion.

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