It is really Young do’s episode but a really really sad episode for him, KWB is really good actor i really felt for him even just reading the recap especially the scene with ES mom, he is so sweet to her and in the snack shop and his realization about his wronged life it is just really sad. I am just frustrated with the dad. I rewatched it many times, and each time I cried. It was like each day the writer woke up with a different idea, so they would get back or break up again, depending on if it was an odd or even day. I don’t know what’s the whole point of Kim Eun Sook writing this drama. Pinocchio Episode 17; Recap:

All she has to do is say that she has to go back to Korea to get her GED. In Honor of the Episode Titles – A Trailer for the Series In a drama set in High School for no sensible reason, where a teenage relationship is treated like the end all and be all seriously folks — you have the rest of high school, college, young adulthood to find the one and the worst written teenage female character, since Bella in Twilight our female lead cries in every scene and wraps her life around some teenage boy, she recently met. Mopey Young-do is a total snoozefest. The writer obviously doesn’t like’em poor. Watch out for the middle. Can we actually hope for that? I am crossing my fingers for a very good finale.

But the only ending that would satisfy me is if she teams up with the Wife and ES’s mum to take down tans evil father At least she looks like she’s in high school. I don’t watch Heirs but I like to read Dramabeans final comments. I might be in the minority here, but I actually liked his fluffy angora sweater.

Won’s relationship with her was never fleshed out and the writer did a disservice to these characters. Sorry for suh on, but it was actually really exciting to see a drama filming near my neighborhood.

Has anyone heard any definitive news about a possible extension for this show??

The sudden coziness with estranged girlfriend he failed to stand up for in the first place? She meant “I’ll pay you back as fast as I can” heirrs Where are youuuu???


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Also I think it was mentioned previously that she was an orphan? You two and your delayed reactions. Valleydale, you’ve summed it up for me, too. I loved it a lot and it made me swoon a lot!! As long as she had that debt, he could always use the excuse that he needed to see her. I almost started crying as Young Do tore through the school looking for Tan. The arranged engagement with Rachel, which meant he broke up with her in order to fulfill his father’s needs?

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Nah I think Tan’s mom should star, I’d totally watch. Jung Hae Rhe Supporting Cast. Wow, thirty percent among the Korean viewing audience? So perhaps she grew up with the Chairman’s backing, which might have led to the circumstances in which she could have met Won. So, funny story, at the beginning of this drama I liked the dad.

I think you’re absolutely right on that one. One day they are brave, the next they are a mess, then they get brave again, then a mess and so on and on and on.

Post, the pace and writing had picked up, but with 17 et al, I believe it’s gone back into its corner. KWB is just that good, and YD got to me. She makes him food, which is probably the first home-cooked meal Young-do has had since he was a child, and he chokes back tears as he takes a bite. Thank you for the recap! Marie21 December 7, at If it had been there for the past 3 years I think he would have seen it by now?

Love your chapter titles! He has always just been afraid of the threat Tan represents. I’ll take what I can get!

You are so right about this drama being overhyped and I’m so sad it might steal all the rramaload from dramas such as Master’s Sun and Secret Love, just like Eepisode over flowers, because of its cast and all the publicity. The Wizard must have given her some courage. It was Won’s growing fear of KT going against him when the time comes that prompted him to do that and KT had always loved and adored his brother he didn’t say no.


Hahaha Love you man! I found it to be a really intimate scene even though they had clothes on. Which means that Ji Sook sp? Did no one else have any problems dramaloae it? Cha Eun Sang December 5, at 8: It still seems like the transition for Won was too abrupt -wasn’t it only two episodes ago he was trying to exile Tan again?

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Exactly why do you have so many questions for every episode? It alienated me more than anything else on this show. The only way a person can fall that quickly in love is if there is only a physical attraction, and nothing more. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. The passing of time in this drama is so random and everything seems like they happened within days, instead of the supposed two seasons had passed.

Unlike the previous KES’ dramas,in which,the characters were 30 something but behave as if 15! Until daddy throws another tantrum? Well Eun Sang did say that drama,oad bad she didn’t know that Young Do was also a good guy at first.

And what a waste of daddy gumiho. She recalls the dreamlike mid-summer when they met: He tries to order Tan to go to the hospital, which is heies, but just gets met with more deadened stares.

I wouldn’t condemn anyone to enduring Suzy’s vacant, wooden ‘acting’. C’mon even Jan Di got past Jun Pyo’s bullying. Spi December 6, at 2: Those two are kinda perfect for each other no? Anyway about how KT’s intense feelings for ES came dramaloxd be, wasn’t it that moment sometime during the first few eps, she was looking outside in the pool area that morning.

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