Island of Reading Book Reviews. He is recovering from the death of his loving, adoptive father, and even at the age of 40, carries the deepest wounds of abandonment and abuse from his childhood in an orphanage. The Misremembered Man was Remebered in the end. She never ceases reminding Lydia of the evils of men. But that is not the point of this story. I can’t believe the things that were done to these poor children in the name of religion! By page , the presumed future lovers had still not met, and I still didn’t care about them. Yearning for love and freedom, Lydia eventually meets Jamie.

Mar 22, Kasey rated it it was ok. It features many of the places familiar to readers of The Tailorstown Trilogy. This was a great way to spend the Christmas holidays: And what about a dose of self-esteem? Email required Address never made public. I never thought this book would end! It seems highly unlikely. She longs to be free of her mother and to have a husband.

Devine’s many well-worn mantras. It’s a bit like reading the first story of a new creative writing student.

And it is a sad reality of life that there are some adults around us now who grew up in such a situation, whether they were a James or a Lydia. However, the author works way too hard at being picaresque and folksy.

The Misremembered Man

The language seems at times stilted and a bit too cutesy. She never ceases reminding Lydia of the evils of men. Christina McKennamisremembered man. This is what attracted me to the book in the first instance. I love how McKenna combines seemingly effortless synopsls with literary truth. Because the book is about the grittiness of life as well as the possible joy to be found, whether the end was going to be happy or not was not clear, until it was revealed.


Which is amazing considering I believe? A compelling, heartfelt, moving read which would make a wonderful film.

To The Point!

Towards the end of the book I was reading as fast as I could to see what would happen. Forty year old teacher Lydia Devine feels stifled looking after her cantankerous elderly mother and longs to be happily wed.

However once used to the literal technique I saw that there was a sort of balance with the emotions much like a see saw. The personal ad Jamie answers is his entrance into the world of Lydia Devine. This vivid portrayal of the universal search for love brings with it a darker tale, heartbreaking in its stnopsis.

The genesis of The Misremembered Man came to her in a particularly lucid dream—evidence that, in some cases, dreams do indeed come true!

The Misremembered Man – by Christina McKenna, Irish author

But to balance out, there were times I laughed out loud. And what a range of emotions that I traveled through during it’s course.

I cried my eyes out as I read what young Jamie had to go through in his childhood.

Buy paperback on Amazon. Nor does she know of the existence of a little boy who answered to the number Eighty-Six. Jamie is a lonely bachelor in 70’s Ireland, grieving over the recent loss of his Aunt and Uncle.

Lydia is a sheltered school teacher still living with her mother at age I don’t want to give nisremembered spoilerswhich makes it hard to really describe the feelings and happenings in this book.

Yes, the orphanage portrayed in the book was cruel and inhumane. What looks like a simple romance has some surprising twists, and the company of the delightful and earnest characters keep the reader happily following along in symopsis small-town milieu.


This is a story with lush description of the characters: The present-day chapters were particularly annoying because they dragged on and on with useless details and stories that had nothing to do with the plot.

I read this entire book with an Irish accent and I appreciate that the author helped by writing dialogue in the manner they spoke. This is a book of fiction but the parts describing the main character’s incarceration misrememberer a Catholic orphanage are based on the accounts of real orphans.

It’s the summer of and Jamie McCloone—bachelor farmer, accordion player and inheritor of ten acres of poor farmland—is looking for a wife. It is not a romance but rather a relating of a journey from loneliness to happiness. Rosie Thomas Award-winning author and keen traveller. I cried even harder when Mickie and Alice adopt Jamie. But we weep also at his heroic struggle to leave his painful past behind.

Lydia is a school teacher, precise, polished and well-spoken, and carer to her elderly mother. Since her father died last year, her mother is even more harsh and g I love this book about two lonely people who meet through newspaper dating.

I found this book on sale on Amazon for my Kindle — but it would have been worth the full price. Patrick’s day approaching I wanted to read something by an Irish writer.

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