Nobody knows that better than your old man. Anyone else find it slightly unbelievable that no questions were asked about the fact bacala snr was all covered in someone elses blood after his crash. So i told him, i’d take those duncan shiek records and shove’e m up his ass. You know, you put that kid in a fuckin’ coma, sal. What do you want? Gord January 11, at

Artie Bucco Steve Schirripa Jesus christ, call a fuckin’ doctor. While Johnny has dinner with Tony and Ralph, questioning the decision, Tony quickly shuts him down, seeing that Gigi is not getting the respect a captain warrants, endangering the structure of the family. Did yo u lock it up? Tony, what did i say? When he informs Junior, the latter asks if Robert died of his cancer or the car crash, then suddenly has a violent breakdown.

The Sopranos s03e05 Episode Script

This sally’s a tough kid, bobby, what if things don’t go your way? When he sees that the officer now has to supplement his income with an entry-level job at Fountains of Wayne, Tony feels a pang of guilt.

I think it’s the illusion of control. You’re with the township, right?

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Product branding s beginning with the letter “v” make people think of vagina. In order to get Bobby off his back, Junior reveals his cancer to him. That’s right, we’re talking about you, you cagey fuck.


Did you report it at least? Tony talked to thi s marketing- research guy. Fuck what he wants, i’m still the boss of this family. I was glad when Sr. Like maybe you do things, you know, that have some spisode on me?

Oh, so now you’re quoting the fbi.

Had to go all the way to staten island to identify him. Another toothpick jesus what was he, like 36 years old, uncle mickey.

Another Toothpick

Eugene Pontecorvo Kathrine Narducci Charmaine nixes the idea, believing Tony only wants another business to use as a front. I really wanted to give you notice, i was supposed to toothpici you two weeks ago.

Uncle Junior gets Johnny Sack to talk yhe Tony but his intervention is not welcome. Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 5. Who, what do you mean?

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She speculates that Livia’s constant negativity was the root of her own superstition, as she felt any positivity or kindness would invite sudden death. Would you like to pray with me? Believe me, it goes beyond you. I told you months ago anothee broke it off with that russian person.


I gotta go take a leak. These back-to-back episodes have a brutality about them. Notify me of new comments via email. Wilmore refuses and returns to his job.

Teddy roosevelt gave an entire speech once with a bullet lodged in his chest. Thanks in advance Like Liked by 1 person. Why didn’t you say anything? Maybe we’l l fucking die. I had my first test the day before your mother’s funeral. Junior, i’m happy with my guy. Lady, i missed the boat a long time age. It makes more sense now that I can blame inept cops for the release of Mr Rossi and tell myself if only the rules were followed justice might have been done in a moral manner.

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