Your email address will not be published. Share on Google Plus google-plus. Using Arvus’s innovative drivers and Garth’s visionary cabinet designs, the Theophany sound was eventually born. Subtle changes to the cabinet shape externally and internally have also lifted detail resolution, and the new drivers are lighter and faster than the earlier versions, which has also contributed to the overall improvement. In the case of the M3 it was a harmonic of 34 hz. His memory began to waver and he found himself mixing up names and other previously unforgettable details. This cuts down cabinet resonances to the lowest level yet in a Theophany speaker.

Our testing has been very focused on this area. More info from Garth will follow soon… www. Hence the new Rhapsody shape which goes a long way to eliminate standing waves even more so than both the Psallo and Psuche range. Again, this was a nearly new pair but the audio quality was obvious. The image used to be very central but the image in the new speakers while very focused is also very expansive so that while the vocalist is in the middle the instruments are spread often outside the speakers on some occasions. The overall finish is excellent, as with all the speakers, and the new binding post plate adds a touch of class — I was never wild about the way the old ones just poked out the back of the speaker. According to Garth it was “an hour later the phone rung again and another guy bought some as well. Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published.

As he began to recover, Garth started to learn how to build what were literally the speakers of his dreams. His memory began to waver and he found theophaby mixing up names and other previously unforgettable details. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published. End of story, spaekers done. GM — The new tweeter is not torroidial. Moving the crossover point to hz also will help midrange clarity. The Psallo Kardia features a new 6-inch woofer in its own ported chamber with a 5-inch mid-woofer mounted in a sealed chamber.

The Psallo Kardia is about mm taller and about 10mm wider than the old M3. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I really really rated the last Theophany speakwrs I heard at around this price point — the stand mounted M3b. Some crossovers gave a flat response but because of phase shift and transient changes sounded lifeless. According to him, the new capacitors and air-core inductors are huge, not to mention pricey, but well worth it.


Theophany speakers have developed a cult following with audiophiles, as sales to go from strength to strength as the world beats a track to Garth’s door to listen to the Theophany speakers do their stuff.

As for those strange tunes Kramer was using to test the speakers… sheesh! Share on LinkedIn linkedin. The way to get bass was by utilising the back wave at a harmonic of the desired frequency we wanted spezkers get to, a little like a transmission line. That upward firing driver has made me addicted to tall soundstages because I had a pair of them pointing at the roof in my room for years.

Theophany Loudspeakers Psuche Kardia Floorstanding Loudspeaker REVIEW

According to Garth, he dreamt that he “walked out to the workshop one day and then saw before me the M3b. They look similar but have had a lot of development.

In a nutshell this means that the tone generation points from the speaker drivers to the listener’s ear are aligned and speakerz phased. Vocals became more nuanced and micro-detailing more pronounced — effectively, the speakers just flat out improved in every area. GM — The Paizo range has been specifically designed to replace the M3b.

Injuries to Murray’s brain have left him with a condition called hyperacusis.

Not only do clever design apeakers such as these give insight into the sheer amount of thought and complexity that went into producing the M3B’s, it also allows the M3Bs to deliver incredible audio. So, that might be an option for those who want some of their mini-monitor cake in a big-sounding Theophany floorstander. I wanted to hear a tangible improvement, mind you, not just a sideways shift.

When we had done this we decided to replicate each of the crossovers to three different standards. Running In After around eighteen hours of running in, mostly using Pandora on an iPhone as a source with the humble but superb little Rotel RA integrated amp reviewed here and a theopuany assortment of copper cables, I moved upmarket.

New Theophany speakers wow Witchdoctor writers –

These are great looking speakers and from my limited hands on meddling with speakers, controlling that rear wave from contaminating the rear surface of the cone reduces smudging and increases clarity.


This cuts down cabinet resonances to the lowest level yet in a Theophany speaker. From breaking news to debate and conversation, we bring you the news as it happens. They go both lower and higher than the M3b. The designer will see it as an acceptable trade-off for the other benefits, of which there are many.

This allows us to get much lower in a normal configuration. We are also very interested in exploring our options in the wealthy areas of India.

We found several we liked that gave good results on the test bed but also provided good listening results, which in my opinion is more important. As he put it: Learn how your comment data is processed. The previous Theophany models were based on numbers — the more upmarket models carried the bigger numbers.

Heck, I flogged my precious modified Technics SL direct drive turntable to buy a Well Tempered Labs Simplex — I loved the Technics, the Simplex looks like it was made in a shed but it sounds much better.

The curvaceous design not only gives the speakers an aerodynamic look, but also means there are no parallel surfaces, which goes a long way towards eliminating cabinet generated audio distortion.

A few weeks after I arrived back in NZ, I took a look at the Theophany website to check out the latest incarnation of the M5 only to find that there serifs been some major changes to the speaker, along with the rest of the range.

Garth has installed very high quality crossover components throughout the range and he reckons that this has made a big difference in many areas. Frustrated by inability to get home demo and store environment hopeless.

After all, the M5s have been upgraded a number of times since the Series 2 model — there have been new drivers including a new tweeter, along with a host of other improvements.

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