A handful of patterns will get you through the basics of setup quickly. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Send a private message to HD Goofnut. I ended up just using ones I gathered or made myself. Spears and Munsil The good: Jan 8, Messages: Nov Blu-ray collection: Originally Posted by Oblivion For that matter, how many matte paintings are done specifically for scenes that end up on the cutting room floor?

Originally Posted by aiman04 Now I remember, thanks. Click to show Spoiler. Picture settings and calibration FAQ–Ask the editors. I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules. But I do believe those previous transfers were boosted, and I don’t feel the BD transfer is darkened to the point that I’m missing out on essential detail. For me, the best screens to work with are the Brightness and Monitor Performance screens. Sep Blu-ray collection: The black and white levels however, can be accurately set and this leads to some pretty huge improvements.

MutleyFeb 22, Send a private message to MifuneFan.

Apr 24, Messages: More than that, it teaches more advanced subjects like deinterlacing, 24p, and more. Spears and Munsil The good: Dig out your remote control, follow the instructions, and away you go.

Joe Kane Productions The good: Originally Posted by Morpheo me too!

The free disc and files you can download from AVS Forums are excellent for basic calibration, although you need a meter to get anything close correct gamma and grey scale. Again, from Return of the Jedi.


Page of Test patterns are good, optjmizer not extensive. Originally Posted by worldwide Stacey Spears and Don Munsil created the ultimate disc for TV reviewers, and were nice enough to share it with everyone. Send a private message to Duffy I know that some people reported lip sync issues, but I also know that optinizer lot of dialog in Alien is ADR like a lot of films back then which can manifest itself as lip sync issues to very sensitive types.

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These discs will help you out, no matter what your skill level. The discussion thread at AVS for Prometheus is here: If you’re looking to get all you can out of your display, one of the other discs here will get you closer to that goal.

Sadly at the moment there are no UK-specification Blu-ray discs that carry the Optimizer but a couple of titles have been released in other regions.

The British PAL version does much the same job, but uses six horizontal bars featuring alternating primary and secondary colours. Originally Posted by Xss. Beginning to think either this THX is a gimmick or I must be missing something really obvious but tearing my hair out as specifically purchased gt60 as advised it is THX certified and can calibrate picture.

You could try downloading some stuff from here – https: Excellent tutorials teach the basics optimizr than any other disc. Find More Posts by Oblivion Not helping the situation since Glu Posted by aiman04 That’s just beautiful. Feb 21, at 7: The time now is Originally Posted by PeterTHX Before digital compositing they’d actually rear project filmed elements live action through the clear area.


It’s what they’re for. The image of the children with coloured t-shirts should look correct if the colour and tint settings from the previous test have been adjusted properly.

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Now I remember, thanks. The THX system aimed to serve as a technical standard-setter, a watchdog for cinematic performance that set qualitative benchmarks for speakers, amplifiers and acoustics with the aim of ensuring a better cinematic experience for an eager generation of Star Wars -enthused cinema goers.

Sep Blu-ray collection: Originally Posted by Oblivion Blh worked wonders for me.

The Motion Picture Anthology New York City Blu-ray collection: In this case it was a shot of Artoo and Threepio leaving a cave where Luke was building his new lightsaber.

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