Ahhhh, that suspension of belief Yesss, it’s Dorm Leader 3. Whatever this show is lacking, it is making up with pretty. Tomorrow Victory Episode By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But I do understand your frustrations.

Still, it would have been difficult for Jae-hee to talk about it, even though she’s supposed to be a boy. I’m now a fan of F x Sulli as Jae Hee. As Jae-Hee waits she sees Sang Chu running and runs after the dog. When she finally shows up, he grabs her in a headlock, which is the moment his heart goes thump thump again. So boooo show, boooo! I don’t think a high school drama needs such disturbingly creepy scenes in the first place since its more of fluff, romance, and comedy. Other girls may be able to protect themselves, but Jae Hee lacks that ability. I swear I can only distinguish, Sulli, Minho, and Hyunwoo.

Jae-hee worries for a moment behind the door and then proceeds to change, figuring that things will work itself out.

But at least he is adorable! Neither comes close epdrma Lee Hyun-woo, but we all know that. I actually like it this way better instead of just softening towards her BECAUSE she’s a girl and treating her better solely on that fact since that’s a bit of sexism mixed in there.

Students at school are all getting text messages and looking at their phones. He catches Jae-hee sneaking around spisode him and it prompts him to ask whether he made some kind of mistake last night. I found out from watching the Strong Heart special that Kwang-hee’s character is supposed to be head-over-heels in love with Eun-gyul, but then why do we not see that in the drama?

And talking about the dorm leader’s mom I have to admit that I’ve actually enjoyed the first few eps – I saw the J-version so I’m comfortable with the story even if I find it weird if I don’t turn off my brain before watchingthe colors and visuals are oh so pretty, and the idol leads could be much worse.


And this is where artistic license should be used. Actually, he only found out Tae-joon pretends to sleep when Jae-hee returns to the room.


Nay Jack August 25, at 3: Julien’s mum is French Canadian so it must’ve been the writer’s attempt at lending realism to that aspect and not to the glaring plot holes, lulz. That should have all happened a while back Yok like Dream High 2.

I do dearly hope that we get to settle at school for a epdrsma to get to know some minor students who have already faded to the background. To anybody else, though, it’s 33 one terribly long stream of seemingly random scenes cobbled together in a pretty nonsensical fashion. That’s where the big revelation came from the kid who likes Seung-ri’s character; maybe that’s the gay plotline they’re leaving out, since I’ve seen few overt hints of it.

This is the info we needed to get the guy on another charge. Episodes by odilettante. It’s like any epdrrama, you know you don’t actually get anything beneficial, but you can’t help going back to it. Its not as dark as this version And that was a great choice. He catches a glimpse of her bound chest and scoffs, his suspicions confirmed.

Coffee Prince did it in the most amazing way; this show has the opportunity to talk to a younger group about the same thing. They meet up with two girls for supper have hamburgers and then do a lie detector test with a machine they bautiful on first Eun-Gyeol who fails all the tests and get zapped.


But this reason right now is just too vague Tae-joon grabs him by the shirtfront but Jae-hee steps in before anyone throws any punches. At first he’s really concerned for her not in a romantic way.

To the Beautiful You

Ahhhh, that suspension of belief Wish they’d have gone for animated hysterics with him assuming that he likes a boy. Yeah, that punch really floored me. And yeah, I don’t get where Tae-joon’s feelings are coming from either. While lost, Sano realizes that Mizuki is running a very high fever and he tries to take care of her. It’s a teen drama. I do think I would have been lost if this was my first exposure to the story though. As parents, we are paranoid beaautiful all that, or should I say to be politically correct, hyper sensitive to the possible dangers?

Doc calls Jae-hee inside to gush, uh I mean, inform her about the doctor he met at the conference. Actually, they definitely did change stuff around since the preview for 3 didn’t have some of the scenes. That’s Akira, the guy who is bisexual and in tne with the doc.

The conspicuous photo flies around school and Tae-joon stares when he receives it.

Adverse Effects: To the Beautiful You: Episode 3 Recap

Is he just going to get away with no consequences? And what is wrong with the doctor for letting her continue? Instead, JaeHee is relying on the advice of side characters that have no merit at all.

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