Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 78, — Each 2 episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl covers the events of roughly a week of real time, and features a fashion challenge or p For the scale little and very little share the same percentage which is 17 percent and the lowest percentage with only 1 percent is very much that answered by the respondents. Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the season. These programs telecasted in prime time from between 8 p. In the show, he was paired as a team with Johan Raja Lawak.

Theory and Practice in Social Research. The rough idea for cultivation theory is that television shapes concepts of social reality. Celsi and Olson conducted a pilot study, in order to determine the impact of television viewing on perceptions of consumers and as a result the study found that television viewing had an impact on consumer beliefs such as happiness and possessiveness. Retrieved December 7, , from http: Adaptasi novel Dia menantu rahsia karya Indah Hairani. Retrieved November 5, , from http:

Serials be likely to be seasonal while soap operas incline to be open and everlasting. Very little got 10 percent of the percentage and lastly is very much with 4 percent.

Drama Malaysia Online 2: Teduhan Kasih Episode 13

In addition to the value, the authors will get benefit when the novel was sought among readers when the paper were reprinted. Besides that, the author also added that Thai television dramas have also been airing for many years in neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Zizan also won the reality show Super Spontan Superstar twice. The sample used for the pre-test is not included in the data for analysis Sekaran, Saya boleh menghubung kaitkan karakter di 1 2 3 4 ksaih dalam drama ini.

Member feedback about Nurul Elfira Loy: RM 1, — RM 3, C. Heintz-Knowles pointed out that heavy viewers are more likely to accept as true that television content duplicates and symbolizes the world at large. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 5 2 As a result, majority of the respondents which is 62 percent had answered that they preferred tknton watch most this type of genre. This statement has been supported when Heintz-Knowles mentioned that heavy television viewers be likely to have confidence in that images on television programming which replicate the state of the world outside television and therefore change the views about our world based on television information.


Therefore, this study attempted to examine the push and pull factors that inspires the television adaptation from novel growth within the Malaysian television industry. The descriptive analysis was conducted to determine the frequencies for each questions. As we can see at the above table that 46 percent of the respondents never read the novel before.

International Conference on Social Science and Humanity, 5, Research Methods for Business: With the adaptation of the novel, at least, people who had never read a novel that gets back to the community and be able to make some viewers buy and read the novel. Next is very little that is epksode percent. Major Issues and Future Directions pp.


Meanwhile, the main actor and actress for this drama is Zul Ariffin and Ayda Jebat. The respondents are chose based on voluntary concept. Drama is a creative format which is produced for numerous purposes plus draja is a big source of alleviation of anxiety and purification. A drama or popularly recognized as a soap opera is like a story which describes as a sequence of actions and a web of connections that connect a person or societies which can be factual but frequently is unreal.

According to Murchhe recognizes two types of stimuli which are distant stimuli that refers to the external object and proximal stimulus which refers to the sensory representation of the stimulus by the nervous system.

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Besides that, the television is popularly used by the adults especially people at golden ages. The higher the score of the questionnaire, the more that they are agree with the cognitive influence in viewing the drama kasib.

Meanwhile, 22 percent is slightly disagree and 12 percent is strongly disagree about it. The lowest percentage with only 2 percent is very much that answered by the respondents. Sultan Ismail Eoisode Raja of Perlis: Besides that, sometimes the popularity of a novel cannot guarantee drama will issue popularity. A Randomized Controlled Trial. Teduahn drama is entertaining. Nobaya Ahmad and Samsudin points out that youth normally involves the most media and technology knowledgeable part of their societies.


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Celsi and Olson conducted a pilot study, in order to determine the impact of television viewing on perceptions of consumers and as a result the study found that television viewing had an impact on consumer beliefs such as happiness and possessiveness. Sila isi semua maklumat dengan betul tentang diri anda. For an example, either we grab our fun and satisfaction from music in the radio, television, theater, dance, movies or video games but we still can discover our time every day to apply to all these types of entertainment.

Different methods of mass media such as print media, radio, television, traditional media and the Internet are used to spread the information that each with different influence and effect towards the audience. Retrieved November 12,from http: Some local programmes may also have repeats on certain times of the day.

There are 9 percent of respondents give the same percentage which is very much and also little. Learn new things from this drama Frequency Percent Strongly Disagree 23 Nevertheless, both are used to support processes of development and transformation plus both also are irregular in nature and seek out to intertwine numerous melodramatic threads across its comprehensive of constant narrative flow Gillespie, Sultan Ahmad Shah Sultan of Selangor: Television Use by Children and Adolescents.

Log In Sign Up. It is not called the fourth estate for nothing which it has the power to control the destiny of human society which that it can influences people of all age of group in such a situation the social responsibility of media becomes very important. This leads many young peoples to seek for the answers to questions about sexuality. I would greatly appreciate your time and generosity. The theory defines that the most dominant messages and persistent arrangements of representations in the television world become acknowledged views of reality among heavy viewers.

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