You should just ignore it! Silly Brianna , that’s no way for a congress woman to professionally behave like that. So many people talking at once The most notable example of how self-deluded TotalBiscuit is about the authenticity of his journalism skills is the press he gave for Planetside 2. Unlike Liz, Nick had the fortitude to stand by his ranting; keeping the tweets up and his timeline public. I put myself on the line for my audience. Persona famous for being a Twitter obsessed white knighting dork to the point of getting a documentary about his failure to connect to the outside world after game show dominance and GamerGate spergery , Arthur Chu saw Bains death as a golden opportunity for renewed relevance.

What you’ve got is a fucked up, sad, balding, overweight guy who is good at one thing and is lucky enough to do it for a living. Some people , however, took the news of a defeated industry giant in a much different way , opting to take the chance to mock and ridicule the barely cold corpse and declare themselves quite brave for going against the grain of sympathy and respect for Johns surviving family. Quickly getting a bit of viral heat with his remarks, he was just as quickly outed as a diddler. I put myself on the line for my audience. Thus a never ending ghey 69 began Okay, you asked for it yourself. So apparently I should have made a final post saying why I don’t want to engage on this subreddit anymore, so here we go. I used to play it for hours a day, now I only play it for videos, maybe an hour or two a week at most.

Before being a failed internet celebrity John found himself a whale weighing in at over pounds when John first mounted her. Get cancer, have your coverage dropped, enjoy your third-world hellhole. Visit the Gaming Portal for complete coverage. Unfortunately for her, gamers are mongoloidsand they will yogzcast blame her for the rest of the freaks words and actions anyway. Go home Leigh Alexanderyou’re drunk again.


Christianity is hate masquerading as love. This way he can supposedly escape any and all criticismsince that “profession” implies that everything he says is a subjective opinion.


Right now my livelihood is under threat because I said what needed to be said to make sure my audience stayed informed. Since game reviewing itself can be critiqued under pretence of being extensively subjective, our good boy biscuit totally made up a profession of his own.

So I’m going to take away my words for a while so there’s nothing else to drown out my actions. Upon realizing their employees were getting dramma in deeper and deeper shit, Casey Hudson of BioWare was put into PR mode and quickly fired an unnamed BioWare employee for their remarks.

I’m even worried one of them might be life-threatening and I’m getting really paranoid about it. Up to this day only two copies of that document remain on the internets.

Another employee, Mike Jungbluthjoined his coworker to share in the joy of the Biscuits demise. She wrapped up with a halfhearted expression of remorse that anyone should die young of an incurable disease, although she maintained that if you’re going to be difficult online then you deserve a bunch of hate when you die. I only exist to do this right now.

The guy totally believes that iteration is the only means of providing quality. Too bad that the only pussy he ever got was a fat slut, whom he can’t make pregnant as he is only able to fuck one of her fat-rolls. Bioware employee David Crooks immediately took to his timeline to express unbridled delight at the premature departure of one of his critics. One more to cut through the bullshit and instantly break out the champagne once hearing the news, Shane Butler of Endymion Games dished out a couple of grave-stompers in celebration.

However, there are exceptions to the rule, such as EA, of whom TB has expressed great disdain for in what many would consider extreme bias. I’m a mentally broken person who likely can never be fixed.

Totalbiscuit is part of a series on Let’s Players. I mentally cannot, I’m a mentally broken person who likely can never be fixed.


Gone Home Ian Miles Cheong. Totalbisckit most notable example of how self-deluded TotalBiscuit is about the authenticity of his journalism skills is the press he gave totalbiscuir Planetside 2.

I used to play yigscast for hours a day, now I only play it for videos, maybe an hour or two a week at most. That “profession” of his is “a game commentator”. I fucking eat because I’m sad or angry or whatever, I have days where what should be a dream job is something I don’t even want to think about doing.

Game has no options menu.

Totalbiscuit – Encyclopedia Dramatica

The enemies of the lulz immediately thought the internets were not ready for this masterpiece as both a product of human thought and oratory skills and deleted fucking everything at its source. That I think my audience is irrelevant?

Completely bypassing any delusions of compassion, Crooks belted out a series of celebratory remarks stemming from Johns criticism of projects he had been involved in. TotalBiscuit’s greatest accomplishment is his seeming ability to disregard how hypocritical he is under the guise of being a “video game commentator”. Not everyone masked their delight at Johns death under a guise of professional critique or frustration over trolling. Refer to the entity relationship model to the right.

Who could forget the alcoholic megaphone that is Leigh Alexander from Gamasutra? Againa BioWare employee had gotten themselves too much heat, and again needed to lock down their account.

He went on to give the very professional estimation that when such a person rotted away on a hospital bed of a terminal illness, “some revel is allowed”. And even after his dram Leigh still gloats even more and more how she feels so positive and life is yogdcast. Yeah, you’re right, I should handle it better, but I can’t.

Okay, you asked for it yourself.

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