Jul 2, Posts: I joined here yesterday and almost every post did consist of how to download it and what not. Guy and a wardrobe that would? Jul 12, Posts: Sell them, and you? Apr 9, Posts:

Glad OM got it up for us. Log in or Sign up. S can catch up, or until they completely surpass YTV, then the normal people can resume their job. Online Videos by Veoh. This raises the question of just what the hell Ileena was on. All real, from weed to crack, the latter of which is identified by Michael as? Jem , by virtue of not having giant robots that turned into tape decks, was the studio?

He offers Laura some pills that briefly perk up her guitar skills. They all had to do it at once.

Transformers Animated Season 3 Episode 4 Part 1 of 3 [HD]

All real, from weed to crack, the latter of which is identified by Michael as? Cartoon All-Stars To the Rescue is easily the high point of animated anti-drug sermonizing, though most of the kids who tuned in were likely let down that the characters spent more time ranting about potheads than interacting with each veob at least Alf threatens to eat Garfield.

For the stranger shows, it was a challenge to work cocaine symbolism into The Biskitts or Mighty Orbots.

Using eposode in a ruse to trap an evil sorcerer? Just one joint and you? He eventually tells Bravestarr and his horse-man deputy, who are busy shutting down a poorly hidden Spin factory. So the writers had no reservations about offing the requisite druggie when Bravestarr? Granted, any real drugs in the Smurfs universe were likely dubbed?


veoh – Transformers Animated Episode 21 Velocity

Because of the problems people had with mininova, I think putting the completed download on megaupload or something like that is best. Jul 6, Posts: In the irony-free world of early s TV, however, it was just Ted Turner?

The special even made kids sit through an introduction narrated by George and Barbara Bush, even transfirmers it might? With that, the city is instantly free of drugs. Despite decades as both an amateur and professional nerd, he continues to be completely unprepared for either the zombie apocalypse or the robot uprising. Big Boss makes his annoying underlings swear they?

The 10 Greatest Anti-Drug Cartoon Episodes

Since when do rock stars know anything about drugs? Brain-blasting sounds quite useful, since it allows users to infuse their minds with a celebrity? If shows like The Inhumanoids could have gruesome monster deaths wall to wall, Bravestarr was allowed to and disintegrate an alligator-man just to reveal to kids the importance of keeping their tempers or brushing their teeth or whatever.

Do drugs, and you can be saved. But the Sunbow studios and G.

There’s this thing called patience Discussion in ‘ Transformers Animated Discussion ‘ started by optimus major trasformers, Apr 21, Just go to Mininova. You can abuse drugs as long as you give them up right before you get caught.


Should beoh all bite our lip and wait for someone like O-Maj to get on the case? Us was all out of Lion-Os, grows a bit too fond of the magical, energy-giving keystone.

Transformers Animated Season 3 Episode 4 Part 1 of 3 [HD] – video dailymotion

Feb 26, Posts: Alluro becomes just as hooked on the keystone, using its power to capture Lion-O and Lynx-O while Tygra trembles in withdrawal. Mega Dan Broo X. BrandonApr 22, The orb is probably the least drug-like of any cartoon cocaine.

A furious Big Boss has Addictem thrown out transormers proclaims that? The transforjers was set at an intergalactic high school, after all, and one of the two human kids there was Doyle, a dense and impressionable jock.

Instantly depressed that she doesn? He is currently the managing editor of io9. Log in or Sign up. Michael then promises to kick his habit, and the cartoon characters retreat into their home dimension through a poster, certain that America?

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