She won’t listen to what Shin’ says and deceives him. This way she sees him all the time and can still flirt too! But oh such a good ep.. I’m going to say that Hiromi lied and still likes shinchirou. In that case, she accidentally creates an explanation for asking to be Noe’s friend, and forces Shinichirou to take what she said as truth. No, I’m still rooting with Noe.

Id probably shed a tear and then laugh my ass off. I would like Noe to end up with Shinichirou but I’m relatively sure that he’ll end up with Hiromi somehow She won’t listen to what Shin’ says and deceives him. Shinichiro thought it was him, since he was the only guy who closely talks with Noe. I so could watch this entire show in no time if all episodes were out. Can’t decide should I root for Ai or Noe ;F like them both. It’s really worth waiting for though. So I don’t really think either will end up with him.

It was really unexpected in the end.

True Tears Episode 2 English Subbed at gogoanime

I really like that char. Thats how the rest of the anime is gonna be lol. She’s really getting on my animeultia, that ture Hmm, it seems that there are more than one girl that likes him! She is being annoying and selfish right now. I was a little surprised at the hints that Ai likes Shinichiro since I thought she was with Shin’s friend Nobusa.

It’s not like other series where I just watch more episodes waiting to see if something good’s going to happen.


Watch True Tears Episode 1 English Subbedat Gogoanime

They will probably talk some and then hookup. We’ll have to wait till the next episode to see how it plays out. Normal eyes to Super Shock! Theres also epjsode best friend that thinks shes lying. Since childhood friends has stronger bonds with each other.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Some background information, interesting twists but not enough Noe. Well this series is coming along quite well, shaping up to be one of the better series of the season. I would still say Hiromi is the most interesting since she hasn’t really shown any emotions yet.

Ai and Noe seem to much like secondary characters in terms of mutual love hookups with Shinichirou. The premise seems to be that of a serious romantic tale, bring on the drama baby! This way she sees him all animeuptima time and can still flirt too! More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Noe is wacky as usual Hiromi is sneaky as usual Shin’Ichiro doesn’t get anything as usual.

That will need to change otherwise I will not like her character as much. The ending was awesome, it made the whole episode better for me.

Why did he stay there when he knew she was coming roung the corner D: It’s getting aniemultima than I thought, and ending Also the fact that Hiromi actually does remember what Shinichiro was saying even though she said she didn’t remember might say something. Even though all the evidence points to the number 4 basketball player there’s still that flashback of her past that she cant seem to get epiosde of, of her and Shinichirou together walking after she got lost and scared.


Noe all the way!!!

I’m not sure what to think about Hiromi at the end. I can’t wait for next episode. I get the felling that Shinichiro’s mom was against taking in Hiromi. Great episode, this show’s one of my favorites for winter. So I really hope they do end up together in the end, but this definitely brought some drama to what seemed like a drama-less show. Technically Hiromi and Shin are still brother and sister, unless theres going to be some kind of brother sister complex at the end of the series.

Ai’s definitely the most cute of them all but we know too little about her as of now. It’s more interesting if we assume that she does, in fact, like Shinichirou, and also didn’t know that number 4 was Noe’s brother. Another lovely episode ; End and face Hiromi made was priceless, can’t wait for next ep.

Hmmm I animeultimma can’t teads it. Im really starting to take a liking on this series Raigomaru totally killed the mood in this red-snow-dream-thingy xD The ending made me curious. The end of this episode is like how kimikiss pure rouge end their episodes captures your heart makes u want more.

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